I have the ultimate lazy girl hack for BBQs, you still get all the flavour but there’s zero clean up afterwards | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has revealed the BBQ method she uses that requires no clean up. 

Taking to her social media page, she told viewers: “Do you remember that sound that used to be really annoying because it was used all the time but it was about a life hack that you do without thinking about it?

“Well this is my little life hack”. 

As she spoke, she shared a clip of herself cutting holes into the bottom of an aluminium plate. 

She then placed a burger patty into the middle before going on to say: “Every time we have a BBQ, I use these little tin foil trays with holes poked in the bottom.” 

Beth said this is to avoid having to put anything directly onto the barbecue.

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She went on to share that they initially started doing this to avoid any contamination as she’s vegetarian.

“But it also saved with washing up,” she said. “It makes it so much easier”. 

In the caption, TikTok user @bethsabode added: “My BBQ life hack”. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person argued: “You completely lose all the smoky bbq flavour though, may as well put them in the oven”. 

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But Beth hit back: “That’s what the holes are for”. 

Others, however, were all for the hack as one person shared: “Thanks for this my partner is veggie and I’m a meat eater so I know what its like.” 

Another said: “I’m veggie too.. Love this hack. I usually put my stuff in the oven and my partners meat on the bbq”.

Beth responded: “Definitely try this, saves you from missing out on the bbq experience”. 

A third posted: “We do this too! Home bargains do them with the holes in the bottom x”. 

While a fourth added: “That’s actually the best game changer I’m vegan and this is something I could do.”

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