I have the biggest natural boobs in the UK – I nearly suffocated my ex-boyfriend but refused to have a reduction | The Sun

A WOMAN who nearly killed her boyfriend when she suffocated him with her breasts has revealed her bust is now causing serious health issues of her own.

Mum of three Claire Smedley, 40, hit headlines 10 years ago for having the biggest natural boobs in Britain.

Her 40N assets, which weigh 2.5 stone each, left a former flame scared to have sex after he passed out underneath them.

But while people joked about that mishap at the time, Claire, from Derby, is starting to suffer from nasty health complications she has no control over.

The model, who has a masters degree in marketing management, says: "For my big boob girls, make sure you look after your back.

"I’ve got scoliosis now and I’m really suffering.

"Look after your back as well as your boobs because it will definitely hit you as you get older.

"My spine is curved from carrying them.

"I saw a plastic surgeon about 10 years ago about a possible reduction and he said I would feel it in the next five to 10 years and he was spot on.

"I'm starting physio but it may be too late.

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"I think the operation just sounded too risky and at the time I had no problems.

"It is very painful and limits what I can do and some days I can't get out of bed."

Despite living in constant pain, Claire doesn't regret deciding against surgery.

She adds: "They are 100 percent natural, made by god, and never seem to stop growing.

"The best thing about having Britain’s biggest boobies is I’ve had some crazy opportunities.

"They do make me stick out from the crowd which can be good and bad.

"I kind of feel like I got them for a reason so hopefully things will work out.

"If not I will get a full time masseuse."

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