I have natural curves – society treats me like I’m doing something wrong, but I’m just existing | The Sun

A NATURALLY curvy woman has revealed the unfair treatment she receives due to her body type.

She said society treats her like a wrong-doer simply for having curves.

Ellen Ruth (@ellenruth31) is a London-based digital content creator.

She took to TikTok to share her hourglass body type woes.

"Girls with natural bigger curves just existing," she wrote.

Ruth lip-synced along with the lyrics to the song "Without You" by The Kid LAROI.

"So there you go, can't make a wife out of a h*e," the song lyrics played, suggesting that society deems curvier women as promiscuous.

The video touched on a contentious subject — women being judged by their body shapes.

Many women are addressing mistreatment due to having unusual measurements.

Some even report violating professional dress codes simply for having a more voluptuous body type.

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The video struck a chord with viewers, who expressed their two cents in the comment section.

"You're beautiful don’t listen to what society says," one wrote.

"Too freaking right," another added. "Society doesn't know what they're missing."

Others simply praised Ruth's curvaceous body type, supporting the idea that when it comes to curves, more is more.

"Nice curves," one admirer wrote.

"You look absolutely stunning," another fan added.

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