I have massive boobs & love a halter neck bikini but have to take drastic measures to get away with wearing them | The Sun

A BEACH fanatic with enormous boobs has revealed how she copes with the neck pain when rocking a halter neck bikini top.

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes – and one person who knows a little bit about the cons of larger breasts is TikTok user Cai Hun (@caihaun).

Although Cai, believed to be from the US, does enjoy a sunny holiday, her large boobs can sometimes get in the way of relaxation.

According to the stunner, they become an exceptionally annoying nuisance when she's in the pool or tanning rocking a halter neck bikini.

She revealed that after some time of wearing the tight garment, her big breasts will cause her neck to ache – but luckily, she has come up with a rather drastic hack.

Instead of changing into something more comfortable, Cai will grab the tied string and place it directly on top of her head.

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Although this may not look particularly comfy for some, the stunner praised the trick, saying it was ''certified''.

Sharing the holiday hack on TikTok, Cai also added that she would usually stay in this position for around ten minutes before putting the string back to its original place.

The clip soon racked up more than a whopping 1.2million views on the platform, as over a hundred people flocked to comments.

One person shared their horror story: ''Mine were so tight one day, the string cut off circulation on my neck and I passed out.

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Meanwhile, another was impressed with the idea, writing: ''This is so smart yes.''

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''one sneeze and its game over,'' someone else was a bit more sceptical.

A fourth blessed with bigger boobs penned: ''GIRL thats why I can’t do halter swim tops.

''So cute but i feel like I’m being decapitated after 10 mins.''

''This is genius,'' a fan added.

'' Don't know why I never had that idea I was just holding it up with my hands until I couldn't no more.''

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