I have big boobs – there’s a cheeky perk when you go to festivals, they make mission impossible happen | The Sun

A WOMAN with big boobs has revealed there are huge benefits to be had when so generously blessed in the chest department.

These cheeky perks became especially evident for her when she went to a festival.

It was there that a mission impossible happened.

“Just for fun," is how TikTok user Tai (@taiwo_x) describes her remit on her platform.

She certainly embodied that message in her post.

This cool lady put her big boobs to good use at a London summer festival.

“Hacks of life," is how she described her actions.

She wore a black tank top and a funky bucket hat that shielded her eyes from the sun.

Her hair hung long and loose in braids.

The unmistakable theme music of Mission Impossible played in the background as she reached inside her top.

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With a cheeky look at the camera, she revealed what was hidden inside her deep cleavage.

A bottle of spirits.

“Perks of having big boobs," was how she described it.

Her video has proved to be popular with over 36,000 likes at the last count.

Comments loved her chutzpah.

“Ha ha ha, awesome," laughed one person.

“Yup, that’s one perk," agreed another.

This viewer bemoaned her modest size: “Unfair. I can’t even fit a coin," they said.

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The final comment was super impressed and a little bit smitten.

“My kind of woman," they said.

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