I have big boobs – my simple fix helps to give your girls even more support & you may not even have to wear a bra | The Sun

A SIMPLE swap may be all the support your girls need.

One woman shared her two-second hack to prop her chest that could work without having to endure a hardwire bra.

Sometimes even an underwire and two-straps can't lift your chest as much as you'd like.

A top could appear to be lacking in any type of support, so you rely on your bra solely.

However, TikTok creator Brooklyn revealed one way you can transform any tank top into the bra you never knew you needed.

She posted a video demonstrating her two-second trick.


I have big boobs & T-shirts don’t look good on me, but my hack fixes that

Her caption reads: "If you have big boobs don't wear straps like this."

Brooklyn uses a spaghetti-strap catsuit with a strapless bra underneath.

Depending on your chest size and the fit of the tank top, you may not have to wear a bra at all.

Brooklyn takes her left shoulder strap and moves it over her head to the other shoulder.

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Then, she does the same with the opposite one.

By crossing the straps, the top now gives her boobs an extra lift while holding them in place on the sides.

"More support," she says.

Viewers were skeptical about how comfortable this was for their necks.

"But then I will have pain in my neck," a questioner wrote, while another dissenter commented: "I tried that. and felt like I was choking. but I hate anything near my neck."

Yet, others didn't consider the neck as they were focused on how well-supported the chest looked.

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"I could KISSSSSS you for this," one excited individual said.

"Omg this just changed everything for me," an inspired woman wrote.

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