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IF you have big boobs, you’ll know the struggles of what to wear to both flatter your figure but also protect your modesty. 

One fashion conscious social media user was all too familiar with this predicament, as she desperately wanted to wear plunging necklines on dresses and tops – but didn’t want her bulky bra to show. 

However, Big Boobie Bible, who can be found on TikTok at @bigb00biebible, then discovered an amazing bra that let her do exactly that – but still supported her bigger chest.

Big Boobie Bible recently explained to her followers: “So this has been my secret bra for years and I’m about to share it with you.

“As a fuller busted lady who needs support, do you ever buy these deep V dresses?” she asked as she modelled a plisse brown number, which showed her underwear.

The style fan continued: “I always thought, ‘There’s no way I can go braless, but I can’t wear a bra with it, so there’s no point in me buying it.’ Well, you’re wrong…”

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Big Boobie Bible then shared how everything changed when she set eyes on the Ultimate Plunge bra by popular brand Wonderbra. 

Next time she appeared in front of the camera, her bra was nowhere to be seen, but she oozed confidence in the full knowledge that she wasn’t going to fall out of the gown. 

She continued: “As you can see, I have fabulous shape, you can’t see a bra and – fun fact – I am wearing a bra.

“I am actually wearing the Ultimate Plunge bra from Wonderbra.

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“It ranges from an A-F so any of my bigger busted ladies, I’m actually a 30GG and I’ve squeezed myself into a 30F.

“I know it isn’t my right size but, for the sake of a dress like this, I don’t mind if it’s not fully covering my boob.

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“The bra is rather complex – it has a deeper plunge V and it just gives you that support around the boob.

“While the straps of the bra are fully detachable so you can take it off and wear it if you have a strapless dress or top too – it’s an absolute lifesaver so I hope it helps.”

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