I have a 12ft statue of Queen Elizabeth’s head in my garden – it divides opinion but I'll never take it down | The Sun

A ROYAL mad pensioner with giant statue heads of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in his front garden says he’ll never take them down.

Ben Bennett, 90, is the owner of two huge terracotta-coloured busts of the late monarch and her husband.

The heads, originally made for an event at Buckingham Palace many years ago, are adorned with grass like material to make up the crown for the Queen and the aging hairline of the Duke of Edinburgh. 

They stand tall at around 12ft, double the size of OAP Mr Bennett who lives in Windsor in a grand house full of art and an eclectic mix of treasure he has amassed over the years.

He said: “I’m great at finding stuff and I’m really proud of my house, my main business before was export and import and now I clear out buildings.”

He said that he plans to make a feature of the statues and on Coronation day will be serving lemonade to adults and children who still come to see the unusual artwork and be photographed with it.


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The father-of-five said that several people a day stop outside his house to take a photo with the heads which have anchored into the front lawn.

He said: “When children get out of the car and go and stand next to the heads they automatically stand up to attention as if they’re next to the real royals. 

“It makes me smile. All sorts of people come by and stop and I am sure they will on Coronation day.

“I have been offered £25,000 for each head but they’re eating nothing and they look brilliant. I used to have two giant horses but I sold those.

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“The Royal statues have become something of a local landmark around here. They are special and it’s really amazing.”

Pictures of the heads have gone viral online, and although many have praised the quirky instalments, others have questioned their royal likeness.

One person compared Philip to former England legend Bobby Charlton while another wrote: "Absolutely bizarre."

As the King’s Coronation draws near, Mr Bennett said the heads seemed to be getting more attention than ever before.

I have been offered £25,000 for each head but they’re eating nothing and they look brilliant

The 90-year-old also hinted that he might be adding to his collection and spoke about how he came about the original heads in the first place.

He said he had been working in Chelsea and was told there was something "interesting to see in the mock-tropical garden around the back."

He was told, “the heads are to go” and his son-in-law had to drive all the way down the motorway from London to his home in Windsor with the heads towing behind on a trailer attached to his car.

He said: “When we arrived there were police just everywhere.”

Mr Bennett said he had met Prince Philip several times and that the Queen had once driven by to take a look at the heads herself and had her picture taken.

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