I have 32G boobs & always go braless – I mastered the art on how to & the first thing you need is a tight fighting top | The Sun

A WOMAN with 32G boobs has revealed that she's mastered going braless.

The TikToker who goes by @vaninileon revealed her top tips to feel confident in public without a bra.

The brunette beauty said: "Here's how to survive going braless in public for the first time."

Her first tip was to ensure you wear something tight to stop them from moving around too much.

She added: "Trust me on this one.

"If your nipples are gonna show, they're gonna show.


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"Might as well feel some support, there will be less jiggle, there will be less bounce, you're welcome."

Next, she said it was best to wear something dark as it was less 'conspicuous'.

Tip number three was to not look at people walking by, so you don't get self-conscious if they're looking at you.

She also added that even if they are looking at you, no one will remember who you are so try not to worry about it.

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Lastly, she recommended carrying a handbag.

She explained: "Have something that you can like put over like this to cover your nipples, you know, just to be safe for your boobs, good luck."

The video has gone viral with over 1,700 likes and people were quick to thank her for her tips on surviving going braless in public.

One person wrote: "Such wise advice."

Another commented: "If only my boobs didn’t hurt if I don’t wear a bra."

Someone else added: "Tip number 4 was literally "Dw, there is no nipple police"."

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