I hated my smile so decided to get bunny teeth for £125 – trolls say it was a waste of money but I couldn’t care less | The Sun

A WOMAN who forked out for "bunny" teeth has been savaged by cruel trolls who say she's wasted her money.

Ulya Nikita hated her natural gnashers so asked the dentist to make the front two ones longer.

She says the £125 procedure has "completed" her smile.

However, the 26-year-old has been called "ugly" by trolls who have claimed she wasted her money.

"I got tonnes and tonnes of negative comments," she says.

"At first, it hurt me a little for people to tell me outright that they were ugly.

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"But honestly, so much more people loved them.

"The most important part is that I love them."

The content creator from Palawan, Philippines added that she doesn't care "if many people don't like them".

"Maybe it's not a popular thing to want, but everybody is different," she says.

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After getting her braces removed in 2017, Ulya's mum suggested she want to the dentist for a more natural smile.

To do this, she had to have her front teeth lengthened with resin – something known as composite bonding.

Her first time in the dentist chair went wrong and damaged her teeth.

This sparked Ulya to go back again and get her front two nashers much longer than before.

"While I was at the dentist, I asked for them to be a little longer than before because ever since I got the first ones back in 2017," she says.

"I always felt like it needed a little more length, so that's what I did.

"I never paid too much mind to the little quirks of other people's teeth, but ever since I got my bunny teeth, I started noticing more and more when someone had them."

Ulya has always thought people with "natural bunny feet" were lucky.

She believes it makes them "look prettier, cuter or more handsome".

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"I didn't think people would get so shocked with the fact that I wanted longer two front teeth," she says.

"And if people are getting them more now than before, then dentists everywhere must truly love me."

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