I hated my big forehead so I got a hair transplant to hide it, trolls say I shouldn’t have bothered but I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her hair transplant journey after she decided that her forehead was too big. 

Sonya shares updates of her journey on TikTok and encourages others with similar insecurities to do the same.

She said in a video online: “Where my big forehead girls at?”

Sonya had her hair transplant through follicular unit extraction. 

For this method the back of Sonya’s head was shaved and this became the donor area. 

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These individual hairs were removed one but one and placed into tiny cuts in the scalp but Sonya’s forehead. 

Getting a hair transplant can be quite pricey, costs start from £1,000 but can go up to £30,000.

One follower asked Soya how painful the procedure was. 

She said: “It’s not that bad the only thing you feel in the anaesthesia on your head when they numb the area that they’re going to work on.”

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She continued: “It was more painful to walk around with my big forehead, so for me it was totally worth it.”

But even though Sonya’s treatment was worth it to her some viewers argues that the beauty fan shouldn’t have bothered.

One user said: “This is bs just accept who you are.”

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Another said: “What lol just get bangs bro”

A third viewer said: “It’s giving Elizabeth Holmes.”

Soya is now eight months into her hair transplant journey. 

She is focusing on supporting hair growth both on her new hair on her forehead but also growing back hair from her donor area. 

Not only will Sonya be eating foods that support hair growth but she will be using specialised exercises and massages. 

Sonya also runs group hair transplant trips for women. 

This is a service where women can pay to travel to Turkey or the Netherlands for hair transplant surgery. 

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But some viewers decided they could get the same treatment a little closer to home. 

One viewer said: “I’ll just go Manchester easier.”

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