I hate my son – he’s six and he disgusts and embarrasses me – I think I’m losing it as a parent

IT IS no secret that raising children is no easy task, and it’s only normal for parents to sometimes feel like they’re completely lost when it comes to raising their kids.

This certainly happened to one mother who admitted she started despising her six-year-old son due to his inability to properly use a bathroom.

The mother revealed her surprising story and feelings of anger and disgust in an anonymous post to Reddit.

The woman started her post by explaining that her son was fully potty-trained by the age of two-and-a-half, but reverted back to soiling his pants once he turned three. 

“SIX! And STILL pooping himself,” the mother angrily wrote. 

“Hasn’t s**t in a toilet in THREE YEARS.”

She expressed that she has taken her son to “doctors, hospitals, therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy,” and tried laxatives, but nothing has worked and doctors have not found a cause for her son’s disregard for toilets. 

After years of searching for answers and trying to curb this messy habit, the mother admitted she’s now feeling “hate and disgust” toward her son because his issues have prevented her from living “a normal life.”

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“I can’t let him hang out with friends, can’t bring him anywhere with me, can’t go on vacation, long car rides, or even the f**king park because he will s**t himself constantly,” she explained.

She even admitted she sometimes regrets having a kid after dealing with the unexpected problem.

Even worse, her child has said he doesn’t see anything wrong with refusing to use a toilet. 

“He says he’s fine with smelling bad and not having friends because of it,” she wrote.

“All of his cousins make fun of him and so do the kids at school, but he just doesn’t care.”

The mother ended her story with a plea for help. 

Redditers offered dozens of messages of support for the distressed mother and shared anecdotes of family members or even themselves going through similar things.

“Don't resent him,” a mother who said her son is now just stopping the unfortunate habit wrote. 

“He is going through something he does not quite understand and putting him under pressure will make your relationship with him far worse for the future.”

A second person urged the mother to go easy on herself.

“Please know it's nothing you did! Don't take it upon yourself like that!” they wrote. 

“I know it's hard but you are doing the best you can and your best IS good enough.”

“Your frustration is totally understandable but it sounds like it is so intense that it’s impacting your life,” another sympathizer commented.  

“You need to take care of yourself, too.”

The upset mother is not the only person who has felt resentment toward her own offspring. 

Another mother feels her life was much better before she welcomed her two kids into the world and often regrets having them.

One man hates kids so much that he admitted he cut off all contact with his one true love because he did not want to deal with a child when she got pregnant. 

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