I hate my daughter’s name – I came up with it when I was high on gas & air but now I can’t change it

NAMING your child can be the most difficult decision to make, because once they've got it, it's theirs forever, right?

For this mum, she realised she had named her child while she was on gas and air at the hospital, so hadn't properly been able to think it through.

Only when she came round and was no longer on the strong pain killing drugs did she remember how much she hates the name.

Sharing on Mumsnet, the worried mum wrote: "High on gas and air giving birth I told hubby I'm calling her Billie (this was after months of us struggling to agree on a name) he said I can live with that then promptly messages his mother to tell her the news.

"A hour later she is texting me saying she loves the name and it made her well up as it was her dad's nickname.


"A few hours later when I'm on my own I decide I hate the name.

"Now I'm stuck with it.

"When I brought her home my two other children kept saying her name and it makes me cringe."

Fellow parents rushed to her aid with advice on how to manage the situation.

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Many told her to use it as a middle name or to check if her daughter was already registered as 'Billie'.

A point many agreed on was that: "Nobody should use a name just for mother in law!!"

One advised her not to make the name mistake a negative and instead said: "I think maybe instead of being negative about the Billie aspect (as in “I was high and accidentally chose this awful name”)

"You should be positive about another name that you love (as in “I was high and totally forgot about the name Isabelle which I completely love so she will be called “Isabelle” but Billie as a nickname, and her middle name will be mother-in-law’s name."

The poster told commenters that her husband: "Is a mummy's boy and he is her only child. He would pick her feelings over mine as you can tell," so she felt she had little power over the name change.

One reminded her: "Your husband isn’t your boss… and he was very stupid to do what he did, tbh."

A commenter found this outrageous as they said: "Hubby says “tough” after you’ve carried just a human being inside of you for months and then pushed it out of you? What gall."

While another wrote: "In the nicest possible terms, you are not obliged to name your child after the nickname of your mother in law's dad (did you even meet him?) because you blurted it out when high."

As a fellow parent reminded her that the name would be forever as: "Naming a baby is a huge deal, you can absolutely change your mind if you're not happy with it.

"She's a newborn, she has no idea what her name is yet so makes absolutely no difference to her if it's changed. 100% change her name to one you will be happy calling her for the next 60 years!

Another advised her to come clean, saying: "Just explain you were high at the time, you didn't agree for it to be made public or ever discuss it when you were off sound mind before your husband told everyone and on reflection you can't live with it."

Many mothers shared their own experiences on gas and air as they said: "Whilst high on gas and air in labour with my last, 13 years ago, I told my mum I would call him after her dad, my grandad, Rupert..thankfully she declined."

Another shared: "Off my t**s on gas and air I wanted to name DS1 Brian, after Brian Dowling who’d that very night won BB2!

"I was so sure that it was a seminal moment in British history and I’d be at the forefront of a wave of Brian's named in his honour."

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