I had to fix my smile with fake teeth but they're so massive, I look like an Easter bunny – & that's not the worst of it | The Sun

A WOMAN was left looking like an Easter bunny after a dental practice gave her two acrylic teeth that didn't fit her right.

Emily Billings (@isaidwoahhhhh), from New York, the US, took to TikTok to share the hilarious fail – but the gigantic gnashers were not even the worst part of it all.

Covering her smile just before the big reveal, the brunette said: ''I just got my two front teeth re-done and I have plastic acrylics for them.

''I hate them temporaries and I look like a bunny,'' she added in the video.

To make matters worse, not only were the fake teeth big, their large size also made it impossible for Emily to talk without a lisp.

''Nothing wrong with a lisp but I have one because it's so uncomfortable cause they're so chunky.''

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To top it off, the expert had also made the acrylics with a yellow tint, which next to her natural teeth were bright yellow.

''I have to keep them for three weeks […], look at them'' she said, adding that it was taking a lot of courage to post videos with the new gnashers.

Fellow beauty fans on the platform were just as mortified, as hundreds flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

Many people blamed the clinic behind this, with one writing: ''GURL. You better make them FIX THAT.

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''I have been a dental assistant for 7 years and I would NEVER let someone leave like that.''

Someone else said: ''you’re beautiful no matter what, but I would be wearing a mask until I got them off.''

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''No bc they definitely should have had different shades of temp material…they could’ve at least put the correct flowable color on the facial surface [sic],'' added another critic.

''paint them with nail polish,'' read a suggestion.

Another person who knows a little about teeth fails is Owen McConnell – after splurging £400 on a new set of pearly whites, he ended up looking like a horse.

The Coventry-based business owner went viral on social media after sharing the beauty mishap on his TikTok, where the video's racked up 3,9 million views in just three days.

In the short clip, Owen explained how he had waited ''for ages'' for the new teeth to be ready: "I […] paid £400 for these and I’ve texted and complained, they said they are going to sort it.”

During the review, he first tried on the bottom row of the pearly whites, describing the fit as ''sweet'' and saying there's ''nothing wrong with them''.

However, it all went downhill from there, as he clipped in the second row, which pushed out his top lip and left him struggling to speak and close his mouth.

''Are you going to tell me that these are normal?

'"They are huge, I’ve got a f*****g overbite,'' he told the audience.

The huge teeth left many in hysterics, with one viewer joking: ''Whose horse is that?"

Someone else thought: "You could enter the Grand National with them…", whilst another chuckled: ''Mouthful of headstones."

After watching the video, an expert commented: ''I’m an ex dental nurse and I can never understand why people all want to look the same.

''Your teeth make you unique.''

A second agreed, writing: ''You literally don’t need them.''

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