I had my teeth done in Turkey – they didn't seem that extreme until we hit the club | The Sun

HE joined the hordes of people hitting Turkey to get their teeth done, and loved the results.

But what Scott hadn't anticipated was how his new smile would look when he hit the nightclub with his friends.

Sharing a video of himself in the club on TikTok, Scott's gleamingly white teeth could be seen glowing in his mouth every time he smiled.

He couldn't stop laughing as he saw just how bright his gnashers were, and wrote over the top of the clip: "Tell me you've been to Turkey without telling me you've been to Turkey."

"Who dear? Me dear? Turkey dear? No dear!" he added in the caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, with many comparing Scott to David Schwimmer's Ross Geller in Friends.

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In one episode of the US TV sitcom, Ross had his teeth whitened, but left his date stunned when she turned her black light on and his teeth shone brightly from the darkness.

"That’s brighter than my future," one person wrote.

"I’ve worked in the dental field for 32 years and this is hilarious!" another added.

"I will take a set of the glow in the dark neon whites please," a third commented.

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"I need you if my lights ever go out," someone else wrote.

While another hilariously added: "Now that's a glow up!"

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"I wouldn’t even smile," someone else laughed.

As another person said: "Ross is that you?"

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