I had a wardrobe malfunction with my sports bra at the gym – people joke it’s ‘built-in air conditioning’ for my boobs | The Sun

AN athletic woman has revealed her newest sports bra purchase which came with an unwanted, but "cool," feature.

The cut-out design of the bra left little to the imagination, leaving viewers to joke that it's like having built-in air conditioner for the girls.

Jennifer Green (@jenngstyle) took to TikTok sporting a red crop top.

"I'm at the gym and I have a small issue," she prefaced in the video.

She detailed purchasing a new sports bra, showing the Revolve product page for the look.

"Cute little cut-out, right?" she added.


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The black sports bra had a cut-out design around the rib cage.

Jennifer lifted her shirt, showing that the piece exposed quite a bit of under-boob.

"My entire boobs are out," the gym girl said.

She purchased the Move Well Merlo sports bra by Revolve, retailing for $62.

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"Surely it isn't supposed to fit this way?" the fitness fan added in the caption.

The video captivated viewers who took to the comment section to weigh in on the look.

"Nothing wrong with that," one wrote.

"Built in air conditioning, maybe?" another joked.

"Don’t understand what the issue is," a third commented. "You look great and the cut-out is great."

"I feel like that much skin usually shows on the top," one more said. "So I’d just rock it."

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