I had a teen injury and didn’t tell anyone, now I’m stuck with a third boob | The Sun

A WOMAN has confessed how a teen injury led to her developing a third boob. 

The mum of two said it took her till adulthood to finally find the confidence to wear a bikini. 

Kat Kamalani said it took her a long time to accept her body type and feel confident enough to wear a bikini. 

She said in a TikTok video online. “This is how I developed this (a third boob).”

The mum of two explained she used to be on a professional dance team as a teenager. 

She said: “Back in high school, I was on a competitive dance team."

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“It was called a drill. But it's not like the drill. It's this dance team."

Kat explained joining the team meant she was barred from taking up other sports due to the risk of getting injured. 

She said: “You sign a contract basically saying that you cannot do any other sports or dangerous activities that could get you hurt.

“The reason being is that we dance all year for state and region. It is intense, and so they don't want to risk you getting hurt.”

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Kat secretly loved snowboarding and one day she got injured testing out a new trick. 

She said: "I'm just obsessed with snowboarding. Would secretly snowboard, and there was a rail that you can do in the park.


“I decided to try something new and do a new trick. And I fell on my stomach first and completely broke my rib.”

Kat was in a lot of pain but she decided she wasn’t going to tell anyone so she could keep her spot on the dance team. 

She said: “I was in the worst pain ever. [I could] not breathe, I couldn't even move.”

“I was so terrified that I would be taken out and not being able to dance in the region. So I didn't tell my parents, my coaches, nobody and so I could still dance."

Kat didn't seek medical help with for injury so her rib healed incorrectly leaving her with a third boob.

She said: “And not heal correctly. I still continued to dance through it. So now I just have this third breast.”

Kat said it took until 2021 for her to gain confidence enough in her body shape to wear a bikini in public.

Kat said: “This is my first year actually wearing bikinis because I have been so self conscious of it."

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