I grew more than £300 worth of herbs for £32 – trolls said it wasn’t possible, they’re lying | The Sun

WHILE the garden is usually thought of as simply a lovely place to spend time in during hot summer months, most overlook its potential to generate some money on the side. 

But one woman has revealed how she was able to turn £32 into £300 with the help of her backyard and it’s so easy. 

Nicole Johnsey Burke shared a clever video, informing people how they could do the same with just a few steps. 

The first step in the equation is to get a galvanised, steel tub, she explained as she took off the sticker on the side of a wide-mouthed bucket. 

She then drilled holes to the bottom of it, ensuring that anything she planted in there would have space to grow and breathe. 

At the bottom of the container, she placed a black weed cloth and added top soil over this. 


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She then put a layer of coarse sand followed by another layer of compost, mixing the two together. 

Finally, she started adding the herbs she wanted to grow, including basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint. 

“Harvest weekly,” she added as the video came to an end. 

In the caption, she wrote: “I’ve been using this style of planter for herbs for years and it works so well- I haven’t bought those little bunches of herbs or plastic boxes of herbs from the store in a long time!” 

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While the idea seemed great at first, many people flocked to the comments section to share the one thing they believe TikTok user @gardenary is doing wrong. 

“The container is really too small for all that but NO to the mint!” one person warned Nicole. 

Another chimed: “The mint will swamp the planter and kill out everything else.” 

A  third shared: “I did something similar a few years ago and the Oregano & Mint took over everything. Now they get their own buckets far away from all my other plants”. 

A fourth echoed: “That mint is going to spread like gangbusters! It’s going to take over your herb garden.” 

While a fifth added: “I give it 3 months until it’s ALL mint”. 

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