I got engaged a few days before my sister's wedding, she says I'm an a**hole, I can't see what I did wrong

A BRIDE was left fuming after her sister got engaged just a few days before her big day.

Taking to Reddit, the sister explained that her now fiance Eric* had proposed to her on the Tuesday when her sister Ann* was due to tie the knot with Dean* on Saturday.

The woman shared the exciting news with all of her contacts in a mass text with everyone responding immediately apart from Ann who waited until the following morning.

The bride then asked her sister to hold off talking about her engagement until the day after her wedding which did not go down well.

In her post, she wrote: “I told her not everything is about her, and I should be allowed to talk about my engagement, too. 

“I said I want her to help me plan mine since she’s just done it, and we could use this time for her to show me how to plan a wedding, but she said no, and that it’s not about me.”

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The women’s brother Luke* then sent a message to his newly engaged sibling branding her ‘ridiculous’ because she had been married before.

“I was 20 and did it at the courthouse,” she continued.

“I married a military guy, and we divorced soon after, so I don’t think that should matter since I didn’t even get a real proposal or ring. We just decided to do it and my band was sterling silver with no stones.”

The brother urged her to do as the bride wished, telling her she had a right to make her wedding day about her.

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The woman continued: “I’m not saying the wedding day can’t be about her, but she doesn’t own the days leading up to it. I want to show off my ring and talk about my wedding. 

“She hasn’t had the chance to show everyone her ring in person, either, because our family is spread out, but I think we can do that together.

“Eric agrees that Ann is being self-centred, but Luke thinks I’m trying to steal the spotlight and to let Ann have her moment.”

The woman then asked fellow Redditors if she was an a**hole for the way she had behaved, and it’s safe to say that most agreed she was.

One wrote: “You do NOT need to use her event to discuss your engagement. If people ask you can politely answer then deflect the conversation back to the event at hand.”

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“💯 this is awful. What a horribly selfish person OP is,” one wrote, while another agreed adding, “It isn’t that hard to just shut up and not show off your engagement until after your sister's wedding is over.”

*Names have been changed.

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