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A WOMAN who had a glow up after getting divorced looks so different that people who knew her previously don't recognise her anymore.

Marissa Jeanelle took to TikTok to share a video which showed how she looked before her marriage split.

In the image, she was seen wearing a brown jacket over a floral dress, and had pale skin with red hair.

"I miss the girl you were," a voiceover said on the video.

"I gutted that b**ch from the inside out," Marissa lip synced, as she showed how she looks now.

Her short red hair was gone, replaced with long black locks, and she is now covered in tattoos, as well as having several piercings.

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Her style has also completely changed, as Marissa showed by wearing a black crop top and chaps-style jeans.

"When you run into someone who knew you pre-divorce," she wrote over the clip.

And she added in the caption: "Jk nobody misses her."

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "Liz Truss to Megan Fox."

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"Girl I need you to come give me a makeover because OH MYYY," another added.

"I literally dropped my jaw," a third commented.

"Glow ups after break ups are real!" someone else added.

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As another comment read: "Good on you for finding your amazing self and setting her free!!

"You're stunning."

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