I gave birth to a 12lb 2oz boy – he was so huge I couldn't give birth naturally & he went straight into 3 month clothes

A MUM has revealed how her baby weighed 12lb 2oz when he was born, meaning she couldn’t give birth to him naturally and he had to go straight into three-month clothing.

Doctors booked Leia Sands, 21, from Taunton, Somerset, straight in for a C-section at Musgrove Park Hospital when they realised how large her first baby was.

Bobby was eventually born at 41 weeks, one of the biggest the hospital had seen in years, despite his mum being a petite 5ft 2ins and a healthy size 10, and his dad 5ft 10ins.

Here in Britain, the average newborn weighs 7lb 8oz and Bobby was double the size of many babies.

Mum Leia, a support worker, tells Fabulous: “I had a growth scan at nearly 41 weeks and doctors booked me in for a C-section two days later.

“My consultant ran me through the pros and cons. I said to her ‘what do you think I should do?’ and she said ‘I really think the safest option would be a C-section’ because I’m not very big.

“The baby never came down into my pelvis, which means even if I was induced, he might not have been able to come out that way. He was just too big for me to give birth naturally.

“My midwife was brilliant but the whole way through, she said ‘don’t worry, your body won’t grow a baby it can’t birth’, so I thought that was funny.”

Bobby weighed 12lb 2oz. He was just too big for me to give birth naturally

Leia has been with Bobby’s dad Calvin Hartland, 25, a barber, for two years. They got together after they started chatting on Facebook, but have known each other for years through mutual friends.

Bobby was born on September 10 last year, meaning his mum’s experience was affected by Covid.

She says of the birth: “I was quite upset at first because I did want to have a natural birth, but the C-section went so smoothly. 

“I lost quite a lot of blood, which I think is normal with larger babies, but it was just amazing. My partner was there which was nice, if I’d had an induction he wouldn’t have been allowed to be there. It was really chilled.

“When Bobby came out, everyone said ‘wow that’s a big baby’. But he was perfectly healthy and still is now.

“He did feel big, when I was holding him on my chest he was really heavy, I couldn’t have him on there for very long. I had quite a few midwives coming in to look at him. They were saying ‘let’s see the big baby’. 

“I’m not sure he’s the biggest they’ve ever had at that hospital, but I think he was the biggest in a while and he was the biggest baby my midwife had ever seen.”

Bobby went straight into three-month-old clothing and was wearing outfits for six-month-olds at one month.

Leia says: “When I had the scan, I went to quickly get a multipack of clothes from Asda just in case. I had Bobby’s newborn outfits all planned out but he went straight into those clothes for three-month-olds.

“He’s seven months old now and wears age 9-12 months, so he’s still big but has dropped down on the percentiles. He’s on the 90th percentile now, whereas when he was born he was on the 99.6th percentile. 

“He’s a big baby, but he’s exclusively breastfed which I’m really proud of.”

When I had the scan, I went to quickly get a multipack of clothes from Asda just in case. I had Bobby’s newborn outfits all planned out but he went straight into those clothes for three-month-olds

Leia then had to begin telling her friends and family about his size, admitting: “No-one believed me that he was that big; they all said ‘you’re joking?’

“When I had my scan, the doctors thought Bobby was 11lb 5oz but there’s a margin of error, so my family all assumed he would be smaller than that – when he was actually even bigger.

“I had a group chat with some girls who were pregnant at the same time as me and none of them could believe it either.

“When I meet strangers in shops, like the supermarket cashier, they’ll say ‘oh how old is he?’ When I tell them, the reaction is always ‘no, he’s big isn’t he?’

“I still can’t get over it. When you have a C-section, you’re not meant to lift anything heavy afterwards and I remember being in agony just lifting him, because he’s such a big baby. So I did really struggle afterwards.”

Leia, who herself weighed 9lb at birth, suspected Bobby would be a big baby because of her unusually large bump and as her dad is 6ft 2ins.

Her midwife referred her for growth scans and Leia had her first at 38 weeks, by which time Bobby was already 9lb, but doctors felt everything was progressing safely at that point.

Leia says: “I grew quite quickly, I had a bump by the time I was 12 weeks and the whole way through people were saying ‘are you having twins?’ 

“My midwife said Bobby was well above the normal percentiles on the graph throughout my pregnancy. 

“In normal times, he would have warranted a growth scan, but big babies aren’t a priority at the moment for Covid.

“If I had another baby, I would push for increased monitoring. I was heavily anaemic too, which I think is because he was so big. I was given iron tablets but my iron levels stayed low.

“I would definitely have a C-section if I had another baby, I wouldn’t risk it.”

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