I found scent boosters for super cheap so I nabbed 24 – trolls say I’m so greedy but my dog likes them on his bedding | The Sun

A PET owner has hit back at the trolls who reckoned he was greedy for purchasing a monster pile of scent boosters that were going for cheap.

We all love a good deal, so when one shopper, Jake M. Goodmann, spotted the laundry essential selling for under £3, he didn't think twice.

According to the bargain lover, Asda were offering large Fairy scent boosters for a mere £2.50 and typically the price was around £8, he noted.

Amazed by the incredible price difference, Jake nabbed a few of these – and later even returned to buy even more.

In total, his post on Facebook revealed, the delighted customer had purchased a monster haul of 24 scent booster bottles.

''For the haters I didn't clear the shelf but I did go back and get 12 more,'' he wrote.

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But whilst the bargain lover may have been all chuffed with his successful buys, people on social media were less than impressed.

Jake's post, shared on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group, soon racked up 1.4k likes, as fellow members slammed him for being greedy.

One person reckoned: ''I get 1st come 1st serve but out of respect you think of others and if everyone thought of others then greed would stop.

''I see so many of these posts with people "informing" others of bargains so people can go out and get some too but most of these post are more bragging look how much I got whilst it's on offer.''

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Another agreed, adding: ''There will be none left anyways if people are buying 12 at a time I wouldn’t bother looking and save the petrol money.''

''Is this a bargain page to share ware the bargains are or is it to show how people be by buying up all the bargains so no one else can have a turn,'' someone else wondered.


Luckily for Jake, there was also heaps of support, as some shoppers admitted they would've done the exact same.

''I’d have cleared it too it’s my favourite,'' a cleaning fanatic chuckled.

Another chimed in: ''Good on you and yes you should take as many as you see fit if it's something you use and will save you money.''

After being brutally slammed online, Jake, too, had a message to all the meanies.

Hitting back at the trolls, he explained why he had nabbed as many.

''For the haters I didn't clear the shelf but I did go back and get 12 more, mainly because I like my laundry to smell fresh and my dog likes scent boosters on his bedding.''

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