I found my dream dress but was horrified when my cheapskate fiancé returned it because he wanted me to rent one instead

EVERY bride dreams of her fairytale wedding dress – so imagine finally finding "the one", only to realise your future husband has returned it behind your back.

That's the unfortunate situation one anonymous 29-year-old woman, who is from the US, found herself in.

Taking to Reddit, the bride-to-be explains how she had recently been arguing with her fiancé, 33, over her chosen wedding dress.

In the post, she writes: "This might sound cliché but ever since I was young I dreamed of having my own beautiful wedding dress.

I can afford it but my STBH thinks it's not okay to waste a couple of thousands on a dress I'm only going to wear once – yes he might have a point there but for one, this is typical price for wedding dresses and two, because it's a once in a life time thing then why not make sure it's special?"

She goes on to say that her soon-to-be husband wasn't convinced and suggested she rent a dress instead of buying one.


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"He started saying that I'm being irresponsible with money and brought up how much money I've already put aside to 'rent a face' (he means makeup) and wear 'fake' hair (he means extension)," she continues.

"But I have this vision of what I want to…look like, sort of speak, on my wedding and I think that it's my right as a bride."

The woman finally decided to go ahead and buy the dress but was horrified when a day later, she noticed it was missing from her wardrobe.

"I freaked out but he told me he returned it and got the money back," she explains. "I was shocked."

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"I asked him why he did that and he said he thought the dress was ridiculously expensive and that was wasting money and AGAIN suggested I go rent one."

The woman, who admits she "blew up at him," continues: "I said he had no right, I'm the one paying for the damn dress."

"He got upset and said that there's no 'I'm paying for it myself' in marriage and that my attitude is setting the tone for what type of dynamic we'll have in our marriage…

"He told me that I should grow the f up and stop with the "dream wedding dress" cliché then stormed off to call his mum who chewed me out saying she won't let me ruin her son's financial stability with how I deal with money generally."

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The bride-to-be, who confirmed her fiancé still has the money and will give it back once they've "agreed to a solution," was inundated with comments – with many warning her of huge red flags in the relationship.

"This is a huge red flag and an indication of how future disagreements are going to go," wrote one.

"I personally think wedding dresses and large weddings in general are a huge, huge waste of money. People are entitled to that opinion."

HOWEVER, you don't settle an argument by returning a wedding dress and then keeping the money from it hostage until said person agrees. Marriage and finances are about finding common ground.

Also, a grown man should not be crying to mummy to settle a dispute."

A second urged: "GET YOUR MONEY BACK!! Wtaf

What a f***ing a**hole – and running to his mother!? Yeeaaahhh don’t marry him, he thinks you are setting the tone for your marriage??"

"He has already done it and the tone is that that you don’t have a say and his opinions are more worthy."

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A third agreed: "Yep! HIS attitude is setting the tone for your marriage, I.e. his word is final, no money is truly yours, you are not capable of making decisions.

"The way he's behaved is terrifying. Get the money back and run a mile from this man before he completely controls your money, choices and life."

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