I found a treasured artwork in Goodwill – the cost didn't make it unique but it did bring up bad memories and drama | The Sun

A WOMAN found a significant piece of artwork at Goodwill, although it wasn't the cost that caught here eye.

Instead, TikToker Kaylee Powell spotted the piece due to a personal connection — she was the artist who made it.

The video Kaylee posted about the experience went viral on the social media platform, garnering about 10 million views.

"While walking by the shelf, we stumbled upon this," Kaylee explained.

She then picked up a decorated piece of stained glass in the shape of a heart.

The pink-shaded glass completed an image of what appeared to be a female rabbit in a pink skirt holding the arm of a cat in a green scarf.

Kaylee continued that it was shockingly "a piece I made ten years ago for my high school boyfriend."

She also detailed her disbelief in the caption of the video, where she said, "I still cannot believe that this happened."

On the back of the piece, Kaylee explained that she had written a love letter to the mystery man, but it was painted over in red.

After some consideration, Kaylee noted that she bought the item to see if she could somehow reveal the old letter she wrote on the back of the art.

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"I wound up buying it — I want to see if I can fix it up and if I can unveil the love letter I wrote," she said.

To do this, Kaylee explained that she started with a spray on the back of the artwork to see if she could "muck up the paint."

"I want to know what 16-year-old, romantic a**Kaylee wrote to her stupid high school boyfriend," she stated.

Kaylee discovered quickly that wiping the paint away after spraying wasn't working well enough, so she resorted to a scraper, which began to reveal some lettering.

"We can see my name!" she exclaimed.

"I really wrote a novel on the back of here, but we're getting close, so I'm excited."

Finally, Kaylee was able to make out the entire letter that she had written ten years prior.

Overall, she had mixed but positive feelings about the letter.

"Reading this, I find the entire thing to be very cringe-y but also very funny, so it kind of balances out," Kaylee said.

She continued that it was "nice to have a relic of the past."

"It's nice to remember how awful high school was, but how much I love doing stained glass."

Many people commented thoughts about Kaylee's letter, quoting parts that they felt were funny and a little bit cringe.

"BEACON OF SALVATION SHSJSJ," one person remarked about a phrase Kaylee included in the letter.

"'You are my beacon of salvation is where I cracked up 😂😂😂😂" another explained.

The official account for Goodwill even poked fun at Kaylee.

"What a find xD," the nonprofit wrote, referencing the way that she signed her letter in the video.

Other notable TikTokers like relationship and dating expert Ask Kimberly also commented on the post.

"Oh my gawd!!! Thank you for blessing us with this romance 💗" she said.

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