I forked out on a fancy 30th anniversary cake for my parents but people say what I got needed to be refunded immediately | The Sun

IMAGINE spending hours choosing your dream cake for a milestone anniversary – only to be presented with the total opposite of what you’d designed.

That became a reality for one woman who wanted to celebrate her parents’ wedding anniversary in style with a fancy dessert, but was left seriously disappointed with what she got. 

TikTok user Megan Turner, whose profile is @meganturner65, revealed she’d opted for a cake in the shape of a 3 and a 0 to indicate the amount of years they’d been married.

Both were meant to be victoria sponge style with a pretty cream piping design on top with pearl coloured icing saying ‘30 years.’

Megan then shared a video of the cake that she actually received, describing it as a complete “cake fail”.

Instead, the cake makers had done a botched job and left her with two messy cakes in the shape of the numbers, complete with basic piping and wedding rings placed randomly around. 

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When Megan’s social media followers saw what had happened, they all flocked to the comment section to say the same thing.

One wrote: “How can they get it this wrong? It’s one of the simpler designs.”

Another said that the ‘3’ ended up looking like an ‘m’ and that there was no hole in the ‘0’. 

While a cake maker blasted the design and commented: “This is why I’ll always be honest with my customers if I can do this or not.”

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While others said she should ask for a refund considering the poor result. 

One wrote: “Aww, no way. I’d be asking for my money back.”

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A second was in agreement as they said: “OMG I hope you didn’t pay.”

While a third commented: “Omg seriously?? I definitely wouldn’t pay for it!” 

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