I don't cook Christmas dinner & my family won't house hop for the holidays – I'm trolled but would 10/10 recommend | The Sun

A MUM has defended herself over the controversial Christmas rules she's set for her family.

Kristen took to TikTok to share the "three things I started implementing on Christmas Day for my family".

Firstly, she insisted that they "don't house hop".

"If you want to see my kids, you're more than welcome to stop by," she added.

Secondly, Kristen won't be rushing anybody to get dressed, as they spend the entirety of Christmas Day in their pyjamas.

And perhaps the most controversial of all the festive rules – she concluded: "I don't cook a big Christmas dinner.

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"But I do put out easy snacks and finger foods all day."

"10/10 recommend," she added in the video caption.

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on Kristen's rules, with one writing: "it kills me to see all these younger parents trying to push for this change because they don't want to drive around.

"There is NOTHING more important than getting together as a whole family – letting your kids play with cousins & grandparents."

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"Nah we will be going to family with pajamas on, while making a big dinner," another added.

"You never know when it will be the last holiday with them."

While a third commented: "Nah, I loooved big family gatherings and the hustle and bustle as a kid & so does my child now!

"Toys will be there – family won’t always be."

"As a kid, I absolutely loved going to my grandparents house for Christmas. I saw my cousins and it was awesome," someone else wrote.

"Sad they only see who ‘stops by’."

But others were more accepting of Kristen's Christmas philosophy.

"Good for you!" one wrote.

"Christmas Day is about the kids , I regret all the people pleasing I did when my kids were little."

As another added: "I’ve always loved having Christmas just with my parents and brother.

"We see family on other days in dec/jan!"

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While a third wrote: "As a child I wanted nothing more than to spend Christmas Day with my family in my house.

"I hated traveling on Christmas!!"

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