I ditched my heavy makeup and thick lashes – people say it was the best decision I ever made | The Sun

A BEAUTY lover has shared how she transformed after she stopped wearing heavy makeup and thick eyelashes.

She embraced her natural beauty, and people say it was the best decision she ever made.

Content creator Venus Turner (@venusturnerr) is a nail technician and beauty lover based in Sydney, Australia.

She often gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her job and showcases her toned and curvy body to her audience.

In a TikTok video, she hopped on a viral social media trend where she showcased what she looked like when she decided to stop wearing heavy makeup.

She was gorgeous before but her natural look left people in awe.

The video consisted of before and after photos that showed the difference between her with and without makeup.

A selfie of Venus with her hair expertly curled and her makeup flawlessly done appeared at the start of it and was emphasized by false lighting.

"Me after realizing thick lashes and heavy makeup wasn't for me," the subtitle read.

A GIF of the Stranger Things' character Mike was at the bottom of the visual where he walked forward and snapped his fingers.

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The background photo changed to show her now sitting in a car surrounded by natural light with wet hair and wearing barely any makeup.

Venus captured the attention of many people and received over four million likes for the TikTok.

"Being naturally beautiful is such a flex," one viewer commented.

"Less is more," another chimed in.

"Best decision you ever made," an admirer added.

"Imagine waking up and looking that perfect," a fan praised.

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