I didn’t get how tedious being a mum is before I had kids – if you’re on the fence & hate boring s**t it’s not for you

A MUM has shared a very honest video talking about the struggles of being a parent.

THE MUM speaks openly about how "tedious" she finds the day to day activity of parenthood.

In a range of videos labelled'Things I wish I knew about having kids before I had kids" the Canadian mum tells people that she should reconsider a few things if on the fence about having children.

On her TikTok platform where she uses the domain @staceygreenliving she said: "You have to do things with them, like all the time. Like fill the day with things to do. For them."

"Before my Saturday would have been maybe hanging out with my friends Mary and Jane, and watching TV. Or going to a cottage."

"Now my days are spent in a field going 'one,two, three gooo' as we go up and down a hill on a tractor" added the mum.

The first upload that has a whopping 4.5 million views on the platform, was met with a range of comments, with many agreeing with Stacey.

"You forgot to add that they wont appreciate any of it andwill 100% always be bored" said one woman.

Another parent commented: "My favourite realisation was that once you become a parent fun and relaxation are no longer free – I have to pay someone to watch them."

The mum, who has 79 K followers on the platform made a sequel to her viral video labelled 'Part Two.'

Here the mum airs her frustration on other people's opinions on how to raise your kids, responding to some of the comments on her last post:

"People saying I can't believe she would do it like this or that's not how I do it. OK. Don't do it like that, who said you had to" said the mum.

She added: "But that's the beautiful part about this. Those are your babies, this is your family. Everybody else can shove it."

Despite her frustration with commentators, this video also received a lot of positive feedback.

"Your first video was awesome and honest. I don't know why people think that parents can't have revelations when it comes to kids, we don't know everything" said one woman.

Another viewer commented: "I thought it was superb" People can not handle a joke."

5 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know about Children’s Sleep

Sleepless nights for parents are a nightly occurrence, but how much do you know about your children’s sleep needs.

Alaska sleep clinic has made a list of facts every parent should know about their child's sleep.

Very Young Children are ‘Dreamless’

A leading paediatric sleep expert David Foulkes, explains that babies do enter the REM (rapid eye movement) stage while sleeping, but instead of dreaming, infants working on building neural pathways that will later be used for the development of language.

Daytime Activity Promotes Better Sleep at Night

The health benefits of exercise are endless forchildren, and a better quality of sleep is no exception.Sun exercise such as bouncing on a trampoline or running around in the garden is recommended as a more beneficial activity than playingvideo game or atching TV.

Some Bedtime Snacks Promote Better Sleep
Snacks that are high in carbohydrates but low in sugar are recommended before bedtime. Examples include bananas, yogurt, or whole grain crackers. Small potions are also recommended close to bedtime.

Teens and Five-Year Old Kids Need About the Same Amount of Sleep
Your teenagers, need the same amount of sleep as a five year old and that is about 10 hours a night.

Teens Aren’t Sleeping in To Be Lazy

Teenagers are naturally hard-wired to stay up late and sleep in. What will help, is reducing screen time, especially in the evening. It is also a good idea to stick to the same sleeping schedule as much a possible

In her latest upload, 'part three' the mum shared how much sleep deprivation comes with the territory of being a parent.

"You will never ever going to sleep with the same ease and just…ahh…nothingness that you did before you had kids" said the mum.

She added: "Inevitably they will crawl into your bed. Don't tell me they won't -they will. And when they do it's like sleeping with a bag of tiny ninja stars of elbows and knees."

The most recent post showed that the mum was not alone in her opinions from the users commenting on her post.

One woman said: "Omg elbows! Stealing blankets. Starfish in the middle while I cling to the side. Deep down I love it. But I'm so tired."

"Yes but also you will NEVER sleep again because even as they get older and start to go out you will wonder what they're doing and if they are OK" commented another.

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