I did a simple test to see if those sticky patches on swimsuit bottoms really work and was totally grossed out | The Sun

THEY'RE put there to make them more hygienic.

But have you ever wondered just how sanitary the sticky plastic patches are on swimsuit bottoms are?

Well, one person has, and decided to conduct a test to see.

The scientist regularly tests items to see how dirty they are, and used a long cotton bud to swab the hygiene sticker on the bottoms of a patterned orange bikini.

He then did another swab on a pair of beige bikini bottoms – also in US department store Target.

Once he got the swabs back to the lab, he wiped each of them onto individual clean petri dishes, and wrote which swimsuit the swab was from on the front.

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He then put them into a container to see if any bacteria would grow on them.

Later, he removed the petri dishes to show the results – with the swab from the orange bikini leaving the dish absolutely covered in bacteria.

"Lotta staph," he wrote on the TikTok video.

The beige bottoms weren't quite as dirty, but the petri dish had "smaller pin prick colonies".

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"How dirty are the swimsuits you try before you buy?" he captioned the video.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "I worked at target and I had to throw away 4 of the bathing suits once because they were covered in period blood."

"This is why I don’t even try them on and just buy and wash it hoping it’s a good fit," another added.

As a third commented: "And my friends and family think I’m crazy for washing new clothes you never know what could be on them!"

"You make my anxiety worse but also better because you confirm I’m not actually insane & germs are on everything," someone else said.

While another added: "Hence why I wear leggings and try stuff over them or memorize my size and buy it hoping it’ll fit."

"This exactly why I always try on over clothes," someone else insisted.

"And why it hits the washer as soon as I’m home."

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