I destroyed my Air Fryer AND my hob at the same time – people say I'll have to fork out, I was trying to save some cash | The Sun

A WOMAN has begged for help on how to fix her cooker after accidentally melting the bottom of her Air Fryer on it.

Kelly Devey took to the Facebook group 'Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips' to share the kitchen dilemma she found herself in before asking for advice.

"Help had a bit of an issue melting my Air Fryer to my cooker, I’ve managed to remove the majority of the plastic however some remaining marks on the hob ," [sic] she wrote.

"Any tips on removing stubborn marks from a halogen cooker please."

Alongside her plea for help, she shared two photos for people to fully grasp the gravity of the situation.

In one snap, Kelly showed the bottom of her Air Fryer, where a giant hole could be seen with green, yellow and red wires fully on display on the inside.

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The second snap she posted saw the aftermath of the incident, where a large ring of melted plastic could be seen in the corner of the stove.

People flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on Kelly's ordeal, with one person saying they had to look twice as it reminded them of a brain scan.

Another shared their sympathy for Kelly's situation as they said: "Omg how many times I've seen this, never put it in a hob. So sorry for your predicament hope you can get it off." [sic]

Kelly replied: "I know unfortunately I have the smallest of kitchens so is unavoidable."

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Giving further explanation as to how this happened, she added: "that side of the cooker is never in use however I think whilst wiping it down I may have knocked the switch on". [sic]

A second person suggested she put in an insurance claim in a bid to get it fixed.

While a third said: "Maybe try a glass scraper with cif cream," [sic] while a fourth suggested using foam oven spray to help remove the plastic.

"I would try maybe warming it slightly and then use scraper blade followed by Hob Brite and scraper blade again," another suggested, adding: "Such a shame, good Luck with it."

But not everyone could think of ways she could remove the plastic as one person said she'll probably have to fork out money for a brand new stove.

"All I can say is good luck ! You’re probably looking at a replacement hob (and air fryer)," [sic] they explained.

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