I caught my neighbour stealing my delivery on CCTV – she even wore my clothes in the gym but refuses to admit it

LIVING in a block of flats means there is always the risk your parcels may get delivered to the wrong address.

But one woman was left fuming after spotting her neighbour wearing her online order and then refuse to admit she had done anything wrong.

The anonymous poster stated their partner had purchased them a large online clothes order for her Birthday, and that it came to over £200.

The user was excited to receive her package, as she had recently lost weight and needed to replace most of her wardrobe.

But the order never arrived, or so she thought.

A week went by and she still had no idea where the package had gone, until she spotted a neighbour in the gym.

She wrote: "I was then in a communal gym when I noticed a lady wearing one of the exact sets of clothes that were ordered for me.

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"I noticed her struggle getting into a pair of joggers which were clearly too tight for her (I'm size XXS)."

She contacted the courier company who told her it had been delivered and the concierge in her building, who also confirmed the parcel was picked up.

After suspecting her neighbour, she went back to the concierge team to look at the CCTV footage of the parcel being taken.

She claims it was the very same woman at the gym.

The building management arranged a meeting with the two women to discuss why she took the package.

She added: "She didn't even hide the fact that she took and opened the package.

"She said she "thought" it was meant for her (our names are nothing alike), and she even accused me for ordering the wrong size (WHAT?!)"

When the user asked the woman to pay her back for the clothes, her neighbour began screaming, blaming the woman and concierge for giving her the parcel.

Before walking out of the meeting the woman point blank refused to pay her any money back for the clothes.

Since the meeting the woman has since wondered what she can do to claim the money back and reddit users offered their advice.

One wrote: "Your neighbour has admitted to you and a witness that she took the parcel. On being informed that it wasn't hers, she is now refusing to give back the items. This is very obviously theft, and the police should definitely be your next step."

Another user said: "Theft. Criminal matter. Police. Then small claims court. Oh and write a big fat, “THIEF” on her door."

Other people said the concierge should take responsibility: "I think the concierge may need to take some blame here, I'm assuming it's a manned desk which is designed to take in parcels on behalf of residents, so I don't see how they've given out the parcel to someone else."

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