I can’t be bothered to homeschool my teen, I get her on TikTok instead – I want her to go on Love Island not be a lawyer

SHAMELESS NHS nose job blagger, Carla Bellucci, 38, is refusing to homeschool her children during lockdown, claiming instead it is more important they promote themselves on Instagram and TikTok.

Mum Carla from Hitchin, Herts., who sparked outrage last year after admitting she faked depression to get a free £7k NHS nose job, told Fabulous how she'd rather her kids went on Love Island than become lawyers.

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And she added "books are boring" as she laid into teachers for not offering virtual Zoom lessons, before adding if they weren't going to teach her children then neither was she.

She spoke as Britain's teaching unions remain locked in a furious row with the government over plans to allow some year groups to return on June 1.

Unions have ordered members not to engage with plans, and hit schools with 22 pages of demands that must be met including a ban on marking.

Carla told how she, daughter Tanisha, 15 and son Jayden 12, don't bother getting up until 10am before spending the day either playing computer games or practicing Insta poses.

“The only thing Tanisha has read since lockdown is Instagram updates and the only maths she’s done is working out how many more followers she’s got on Instagram," said Carla.

"She’s not interested in school work and I’m not going to push her."

Carla, who promotes herself on her Instagram page as a model, continued: “When lockdown hit they were given lots of school work to do at home.

"All their friends parents were complaining about how long it was going to take them to do essays in English and history, difficult maths lessons and art projects.

I can’t bear some people because all they moan about is homeschooling their children. My motto is, 'Why bother?' and I meant it.

"I saw the amount of work and told my kids to put it in the corner."

Carla admitted part of the issue was she couldn't be bothered to help oversee the kids' work.

"I can’t bear some people because all they moan about is homeschooling their children," she confessed.

"My motto is, 'Why bother?' and I meant it.

"If teachers can’t be bothered to run lessons on Zoom so all the kids can watch them live then I'm not going to replace them."

So Carla has decided to focus her attention on something she believes is more worthwhile – making her pair social media famous.

"I decided my kids were going to use this time to focus on becoming famous and helping me with my career by taking snaps of me," she said.

"I don’t care they haven’t done a scrap of home learning since lockdown was called.

"They have matured, become more self-confident and focussed their goals on being TikTok, YouTube or Insta stars and that’s a proper career and where the money is.

"It makes sense – they are bright kids but not book smart.

Homeschooling: the benefits (and where you can get help)

Carla might not want to homeschool but there are benefits to kids keeping up with their education – and the government has resources to help.

The government has published a list of online educational resources covering various subjects and age groups that have been recommended by teachers and school leaders.

Bitesize Daily has been developed by the BBC to provide new lessons every weekday for pupils in Year 1 to Year 10.

Schools might also consider using resources from Oak National Academy, which was created by teachers from schools across England in response to school closures. This free resource for teachers will provide the equivalent of three hours of lessons a day for primary school pupils and four hours a day for secondary school kids.

"I’d rather they were famous Insta stars than lawyers or anything like that.

"My kids have the looks, sass and imagination to make it big on social media and I’d rather they spend all day doing lives on Instagram, uploading pictures, updating their stories and doing TikTok dances.

"For me lockdown is the perfect time to ditch the books and with my help spread their wings and experience the real world via social media.

"They need to learn to market themselves and gaining followers is what matters. Books are for boring people."

She told how she was teaching Tanisha how to look good.

“I help her put on her make-up and hair extensions and we do photo shoots and learn poses for her social media accounts," she said. "They’re still important skills.

"Tanisha and I love sunbathing together in the back garden and we spend at least two hours today doing photo shoots with Jayden taking pictures."

Meanwhile, Jayden plays computer games virtually non-stop.

"When Jayden isn’t doing marathon gaming sessions which can last 18 hours with his friends online because he wants to be a professional gamer or actor he will be binge watching the latest TV shows on Netflix," she said.

"He’s so happy gaming and relaxing and is flourishing."

However, Carla knows some people say she is a bad mum.

She said: "A couple of days ago, a friend got in touch because she saw a video of Tanisha in tiny shorts and a crop top twerking and thought I should know about it as she found it so shocking. I responded that I’d given the go-ahead.

"Tanisha’s aim in life is to appear on Love Island and she doesn’t need any GCSEs to do that. I want her to be famous as I feel it’s the best way to get on in life. Jayden wants to be an actor or gamer, so he’s watching films and box-sets every day.”

"Kylie and Kendall Jenner were pouting and posing all over social media at Tanisha’s age and look at their success.

"Their mum focussed on social media fame and they’re billionaires and millionaires.

"I am sure people will claim I am a terrible mum.

I’d rather they were famous Insta stars than lawyers or anything like that.

"They’re liking to kick off because I had a free nose job on the NHS and now the NHS is under pressure but that’s not my fault.

"I am a fantastic  mum and I know what my kids want.

"I know how the real world works and wasting time home-schooling will get us no were.

"The teachers should be doing it not parents.

"My kids are using lockdown to get the jump on other kids their age with social media profiles and fame.

"I have no regrets and don’t care what people think; they are just jealous."

In other news, Fabulous recently spent the day with Carla – and she scrounged designer shoes from a child.

While Carla's daughter Tanisha wants £30k-worth of surgery including a Brazilian Butt Lift to become famous – after her mum said ‘ugly people get nowhere’.

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