I buy bags of unclaimed post for just $1 – I've blagged hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards and even an iPhone

A WOMAN has revealed how she has bagged hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards and even an iPhone for a little as $1 a piece.

Stephanie spends her Saturday’s visiting her local swap-meet in Las Vegas where she picks up dozens of packages of unwanted post.

She then shares unboxing videos on her TikTok account where she is known as @caloriequeen14, revealing the weird, wonderful and sometimes very valuable contents of the packages.

In her very first video of the series, Stephanie says: “Don’t ask me how this is legal but at the swap meet in Las Vegas you can buy frickin lost mail for $1.

“We jumped on that and bought 100 just for fun, to see what we would get.”

She got “real lucky” picking up a $50 Visa gift card, and quickly caught the bug, visiting the swap meet regularly to continue her video series.

She is also quick to assure her followers that it is perfectly legal to purchase unclaimed packages.

According to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), valuable mail that cannot be delivered goes up for sale at auction, and occasionally vendors will bulk buy smaller packages to sell on.

During her time collecting the packages, Stephanie has collected Airpods, an iPod and even an iPhone.

She has been lucky enough to pick up plenty of jewellery including one gold Michael Kors necklace that had been unworn.

But by far her most valuable discoveries have been gift cards with the savvy shopper snagging a $35 Netflix card, a $15 Sephora one, a $20 one from Chipotle and her best ever find – $60 in Apple store credit.

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