I busted my man going to the strip club and lying about it – safe to say he got a shock when he looked at the stage

IF YOU have ever found out your partner has been lying to you, you will know the pain.

While many of us will be left devastated after such deception, some of us will see red and turn to revenge.

And that’s just what one woman did when she found out that her man was lying to her about where he was.

Missy Peterson took to TikTok to share her unique story about how she got her own back on her lying partner.

It’s safe to say, it’s left us all open-mouthed. 

Missy revealed that she wanted to get the ultimate revenge and so when she found out that her man was at a strip club, she decided to go there herself.

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But she didn’t just turn up and confront him, instead she got on the stage…

She said: “That one time I put a tracker on his car and when I found out he went to the strip club.

“I went there, told the girls, they helped me get ready and I was next on stage.

“You wanna see a show? I will give you a damn show. 

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“At least I made $$.” 

Now that is what you call revenge… 

Missy’s video has clearly shocked many as it has racked up a whopping 3.9million views.

It has 534k likes, 3,683 comments and 11.1k shares.


TikTok users were left in hysterics at Missy’s revenge and couldn’t believe the lengths she went to. 

One person said: “This is the most funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.” 

Another added: “That is the best story EVER and i worked at a strip club for 15 yrs yesssss girl!!!” 

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A third commented: “I LOVE THIS.” 

While some users were unsure about the truth in Missy’s confession, one user added: “This 110% would happen — as a former skripper, yes girl we got your back!!!”

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