I bought viral £400 rubber boots & my parents' reaction has people in hysterics… they even compared me to a garden gnome | The Sun

WHEN it comes to shoes, there are few more divisive than the cartoonishly large red MSCHF boots.

And one man decided to see what his parents made of the knee-high boots, by splashing out on a £400 pair himself.

Nnamdi took to TikTok to share a video, over the top of which he wrote: "Wearing the famous big red boots to surprise my parents".

After showing what he looked like in the boots, which he teamed with joggers and a white sweatshirt, he turned the camera to show what his mum and dad made of the unique footwear.

His dad clocked them first, before calling his mum and saying: "Come and see what Nnamdi is wearing."

His mum then walked into the frame and squealed as she exclaimed: "What is this?"

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When Nnamdi told his parents that they were his new shoes, his dad insisted: "That's what they wear in the Amazon rainforest."

"How much did you buy this?" his mum asked.

And his response that he'd spent £400 on the boots earned gasps from the pair, with his dad even dropping to his knees in shock.

"Gnome shoes," his mum said.

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"Garden gnome. Nnamdi, you look like a garden gnome with these shoes!"

"Someone wears these to the moon they won't be able to walk," his dad laughed, before demonstrating how he thought an astronaut would struggle in the boots on the moon.

"Guess they didn’t like my big red boots," Nnamdi captioned his video.

"Tbf I had the same reaction as your mum to those boots and the price," one person commented on the clip.

"Pops almost got a heart attack," another added.

"Literally wetting myself with their reaction," a third wrote.

"omg the commentary by the parents are just golden. I am dying!!!!" someone else laughed.

While New York art collective MSCHF were the first ones to release the boots, there have since been numerous replicas hitting the shelves.

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