I bought a returns pallet of wedding dresses & got 10 designer gowns worth £40K for £500 – TWO were Oscar de la Renta

A SHOPPER has revealed how she spent £500 on a returns pallet of wedding dresses that were worth a staggering £40,000 in total.

YouTuber HopeScope shared how she got 10 designer gowns in her batch for around £57 per dress, including TWO Oscar de la Renta gowns.

She explained on the video: “THIS is what happens to unwanted designer wedding dresses… they go to an auction where other people can BUY them for SUPER cheap! 

“I bought three HUGE mystery boxes to see what treasures we can find.”

Hope went to Liquidation.com and entered up in a bidding war over the mystery box of gowns.

She paid $500 (£370) for the dresses, with shipping and fees on top totalling $776 (£575).

Hope said: “That’s about $78 (£57) per dress

“If these are as good as I have been promised, is a steal of deal.”

She first tried on a silk organza gown with lace detailing that was by designer Peter Langner and had originally cost $6,490 (£4,816).

She was impressed and said: “I think it’s a win.”

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Next up with the most expensive dress in the entire box that originally cost $9,900 (£7,347).

Although she was a bit confused by the design, Hope said: “It’s kind of cool, it’s very high fashion, editorial.”

Hope then tried on a $7,990 (£5,929) pink dress and said: “This is the best fit so far.”

The cheapest one in the box was a $500 (£371) one that she said could double up as a gala dress or for a prom.

Hope was most excited to see the Oscar de la Renta gowns in the box, and was surprised when one was short. 

She exclaimed: “This is tiny! This is not what I was expecting at all.”

The short one had been worth $3,990 (£2,961), but she declared it was “horrible” and said it was a weird length and she looked like toilet roll.

Thankfully the second dress by the designer impressed more, and you’d hope so considering it used to have a $8,490 (£6,301) price tag.

She said: “I think this is my favourite mystery returns box we have done.

“How much was my $776 (£575) box worth? 

“I totalled all of the dresses up $54,593 (£40,515 )ish if they were brand new.”

Many people were impressed with her haul, with one writing: “I actually loved the second Oscar dress, it was definitely not my usual style but you looked like a princess when you were sitting there in it.”

Another added: “This was a great box. They all looked really good on you!”

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