I bought a pair of vintage shorts in a thrift store – they were tiny, the smallest in my closet, but I made it work | The Sun

A FASHION fan has revealed her latest vintage addition to her closet.

She thrifted a pair of white short shorts and styled them for a night out on the town.

Macy Eleni (@blazedandglazed) showed herself in a blue crop top and navy bottoms in a TikTok post.

"The smallest shorts in my closet," read text over the video.

She held up the minuscule white shorts to the camera.

"OK, I'm a little bit nervous but let's style the smallest shorts that I own," she said.

The fashion fan added that the vintage sizing may pose an obstacle for her.

"They're vintage and tiny and I don't know if I'm going to be able to squeeze my cheeks into them," she said.

She slipped the short shorts on, which fit her like a glove.

Macy styled the look with a pair of sneaker heels, a sweatshirt, and a fur coat.

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"Another day, another thrift slay," she said.

The video went viral as viewers shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"This look is incredible," one wrote.

"It’s such a slay," another added.

"Literally one of my fave looks you’ve ever done," a third commented.

"Your ability to style anything and everything is art," yet another said.

"This is perfect," one more wrote.

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