I accidentally made my dad’s girlfriend dump him – but it’s not my fault he refuses to date anyone over 23

A 16-YEAR-OLD teenager confessed that she accidentally made her father’s girlfriend dump him. 

However, she said she was just doing her part in warning the woman about his tendency to dump anyone over the age of 23.

“My 45-year-old dad has this habit of dating college-age women and dumping them after like two or three years [and] then complaining about how needy and clingy they were,” the teen began in her anonymous post on Reddit. 

“It's been going on my entire life and it really annoys me

“It's seriously like he's allergic to any woman over 23.”

She added that she’s made “half jokey comments” about how she thinks the tendency is “creepy,” but her dad tells her it’s none of her business.

She argued that it is her business, however, because he complains to her after dumping his young girlfriends.

The teenager then noted that she was recently introduced to her father’s new 21-year-old girlfriend who “could easily pass” as a high school student.

So, she decided to step in.

“It really bothered me in particular that day, so when my dad wasn't around I told her that if she's looking for a long term thing, she won't get it from my dad because he'll definitely dump her before she turns 24 like every single other woman he's ever dated and then he'll call her a pathetic clingy mess behind her back,” the daughter wrote.

She added that the new woman laughed it off, but apparently she took the warning to heart and later dumped the dad.

“[She] must have told my dad what I said, [because] now he's angry at me for interfering in his relationship," the poster wrote. 

“He also says he's hurt that I think of him that way, even though literally all I did was tell the truth, and I think if he doesn't wanna be thought of that way he should stop being like that,” she concluded.

The man’s daughter stands behind telling the truth, but she does feel slightly guilty about the ordeal – but the internet has wholeheartedly backed her.

“I can't believe you told them the truth instead of lying because we're family!" one user sarcastically commented from the dad’s point of view.

“Jesus Christ, if I saw any of my friends dating someone that old, I'd hold an intervention,” they added. 

“Yeah if Dad is offended that his daughter thinks of him that way, maybe he shouldn't act that way,” a second user noted. 

Yet another sympathizer gave a suggestion: “Ask him what he would think if YOU at the age of 21 dated a man HIS age. 

“I would love to see his reaction,” they wrote.

It’s also possible the father just simply prefers to date younger women and hasn't yet found his match. 

On the other hand, one 31-year-old man admitted to only dating women over 60.

To each his own. 

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