How to turn your lacklustre locks into fresh Christmas party head-turners in just three steps

But a crazy social schedule is no excuse to be lazy, because there are easy ways to transform your ’do between the office and the pub.

Jenny Francis has recruited top hairdresser Andrew Jose to show us how you can turn lacklustre locks into party-ready looks in three simple steps.

From a twisted pony to a fancy French plait, Yule be ready for anything.

Twinkle twinkle twisted pony

Merry messy tuck

STEP ONE: Gather all of your hair to one side at the nape of your neck then secure with hair tie.

STEP TWO: Roll hair from the ends to the hairband, then tuck it under and secure in place with multiple hair grips.

STEP THREE: Pull out sections to give it a cool, laidback effect.

Make mine a double

STEP ONE: Using a fishtail comb, separate the hair from the top of the head to the nape of the neck to create a neat parting.

STEP TWO: Clip each section to the side then, starting at the top of head, French plait one section by splitting the hair into three sections at the forehead. Cross the sections, left over middle, right over middle, and, as you plait, start picking up any additional hair and incorporating it. Leave the bottom section of the hair loose. Secure with a band then repeat with the second section of hair.

STEP THREE: Secure the plaits together with a hair tie then use a strand of hair to loop it around the band and tuck the end in.

Festive fishtail

STEP ONE: Section your hair into two – the top of the head and the bottom – by running a tail comb from ear to ear. Pull all the hair from the top sections to one side and brush it through. Start to fishtail-plait from the ear down by dividing the section of hair into two pieces. Take a strand from the back of one section and cross it round the front, incorporating it into the opposite section. Repeat on the other side and carry on until you have your fishtail plait.

STEP TWO: Lift the finished plait back on itself towards the opposite ear and pin to the crown of the head.

STEP THREE: Create a messy bun at the back of the head by twisting the remaining loose hair and wrapping it to the head, securing in place with a hair tie.

Knot on the naughty step

STEP ONE: Split the hair into two sections then tie in a knot at the back and pull tight.

STEP TWO: Twist one section until tight. Then, in an anti-clockwise direction, move hair around the centre knot until you reach the end – and secure in place with a hair grip.

STEP THREE: Twist and pin the other section in the same way, but this time in a clockwise direction. Once again secure with pins. Finally, spray with hairspray to keep in place.

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