How to recreate Love Island 2021 hair looks with the exact products they use on the show

HAVE you been watching Love Island this year? If you're hoping to steal a slice of their style then we have good news.

We've put together our guide of how you can recreate the fabulous hair looks worn by the girls in the villa, with the exact products they've used to perfect their locks.

The Islanders have been using premium straightener brand, Cloud Nine to create their looks.

As the official hair partner for Love Island, they've supplied the villa with their tools.

We spotted the cast using the brand-new Cordless Iron Pro, The Original Pro and The Airshot Pro straighteners, alongside other tools that use Kinder Technology which is kinder on your hair – especially in the Love Island heat.

If you're looking to get your own slice of Love Island style, we have good news.

Cloud Nine has shared some step by step tips on how to recreate the glossy girl's hair looks fans have been loving online.

Martin Rae, CEO of Cloud Nine said: “We are extremely excited to be the Hair Partner for Love Island 2021.

"This is an amazing opportunity for CLOUD NINE to showcase our Premium Collection, including our brand-new Cordless Iron Pro, designed with Kinder Styling Technology.

"We’re looking forward to seeing the Islanders use our tools to help them feel beautiful in their own skin whilst being kinder to their hair.”

So, want to know how to steal the girls in the villas style? Here's step by steps from Cloud Nine themselves.

Lucinda's Sassy Straight

1. Lightly mist the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion over the hair

2. Section the hair using the CLOUD NINE Croc Clips

3. Set your CLOUD NINE Original Iron Pro onto Revive Mode.

4. Run the irons through your hair from root to tip, on each section place your CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush on the underside of the hair for tangle free styling.

5.Finish your look with an accessory of choice.

TOP TIP – Using the Revive Mode on the Iron will maintain your style for longer whilst restoring your hair’s natural health.

Sharon's Beach Waves

1. Spray the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion liberally over the hair.

2. Using the CLOUD NINE Tail Comb, create a side or middle parting.

3. Taking vertical sections, create face framing waves on the first two sections at the front.  Turn the CLOUD NINE Original Iron Pro away from your face at 180 degrees pulling down slowly from root to tip.

4. Continue this technique in alternate directions throughout the hair.

5. Brush out using the CLOUD NINE Luxury Texture Comb or shake using your fingers.

6. Finish your look using a salt spray to add texture and hold.

TOP TIP – For a tighter wave do a 360 degree turn.

Liberty's Big and Bouncy

1. Spray the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion liberally over the hair.

2. Using the CLOUD NINE Luxury Boar Bristle Dressing Brush, section your hair to create a parting ( side/middle).

3. Using a medium heat, wrap the hair around the barrel of the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand.

4. On each side of your hair, wrap the hair around the barrel away from your face.  Wait 5-10 seconds, let the curl drop onto your hand, scrunch for a few seconds and then let the curl drop.  Leave the curls to cool.

5. Brush out your curls with either the CLOUD NINE Luxury Texture Comb or Luxury Texture Boar Bristle Dressing Brush and finish your look using a medium hold hairspray.

TOP TIP – To create a fuller more long-lasting wave, after each section wind up your curl and clip into place. Once cooled unwind your curls and follow step 7 and always wear your heat glove.



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