How stars from Emily Ratajkowsi to Maura Higgins are bringing back ‘Gladiator abs’ by flashing their washboard stomachs

IT was a hit TV show of the 90s that saw the country's fittest men and women battle it out for fun, providing hours of entertainment for the masses.

Now it seems the Gladiators' washboard abs and bulging biceps are making a return with stars like Emily Ratajkowsi to Maura Higgins flaunting the sought-after physique.

Fast forward twenty years and there's no hiding from these rock-hard stomachs, with celebs posing in stunning swimwear selfies and even glam evening looks.

Love Island favourite Maura Higgins isn't shy about her fit physique and opts to have it on display regularly.

Even stars like Zendaya and Emily Ratajkowsi have turned up the heat at red carpet events, swapping modest one-piece frocks for midriff-bearing outfits.

Meanwhile, it's abs all round for Jennifer Lopez and Davina McCall who have single-handily brought the phrase 'fit at 50' into the limelight.

The 50-somethings don't shy away from flaunting their gym-honed figures, and there's a very clear reason why.

But on-trend or not, washboard abs are seriously hard to come by and, according to Personal Trainer and PN1 nutrition coach Devinder Bains "they’re a product of hard work."

So how are these famous faces rocking their envy-inducing six-packs? Well, most likely a combo of strict gym training and diet, Devinder says.

"Metabolism, body type and genes play a big part too and the sheer effort to achieve this look isn’t always worth the effort!" she tells Fabulous.

"That razor-like definition will come from a diet that is rich in foods that are high in protein and super low in carbs and fat, such as chicken, prawns and white fish served with salads or veg. Carbs are likely to be reserved for after exercise and sugar and processed foods will be a complete no no.

"Diet is key here and exercise alone won’t cut it but if you’re looking for a workout that can help build core strength and help you tone those ab muscles you need to look beyond just regular sit ups and crunches.

"Firstly, add cardio to your workouts ideally in the form of a HIIT workout that encourages the heart rate to fluctuate. Cardio is particularly effective in reducing belly fat, which can help make your abdominal muscles more visible

"Secondly, opt for heavy exercises such as weighted squats and barbell shoulder press that require the core to work super hard to stay strong and balanced.

"Finally, complement these with yoga, pilates or ab specific exercises – mix isometric moves (staying still and clenched) such as full planks and side planks with bicycle crunches and reverse crunches which involve raising the legs off the floor and up into a vertical position."

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