How many aides does Meghan Markle have, what duties do they perform and why have some staff quit their jobs?

That is because the couple have a team of aides helping them at every turn, whether it's suggesting how they dress, taking on their personal admin or keeping their diaries in sync – being royal is a busy job!

How many aides do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have?

The Sussexes have six official aides working for them personally, although residents at Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace have seven people working in communications that support both households.

Their personal staff include: the couple's private secretary, Sam Cohen, plus her PA, Meghan's deputy private secretary, Amy Pickerill, and Harry's deputy private secretary, Heather Wong.

The pair also have a project coordinator, Clara Madden and have hired a new PA – whose name is yet to be disclosed – and replaces a recently departed PA known only as Melissa.

Meghan also has her friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney working for her in a less official capacity.

What do aide roles entail?

A private secretary is the public face of a royal and issues statements on their behalf, as well as ensuring official policy items that the family member specifically wants to focus on are implemented.

They are also in charge of the schedule.

A deputy private secretary will assist in the above duties and in Harry and Meghan's case, they have one each, so while their main Private Secretary will look after them both as a couple, they each have their own personal aide too.

A PA will take on more personal administrative tasks, such as calling in clothes, booking trips and making restaurant reservations.

Why have some staff quit their jobs?

There has been a lot of speculation over who is and isn't quitting.

Prince Harry and Meghan's previous private secretary Edward Lane Fox left his role in summer to spend more time with family.

Prince Harry was clearly sad to see him leave and issued a statement thanking him for his hard work: “His Royal Highness is hugely grateful to Ed for his hard work during a period that has seen the launch and growth of the Invictus Games, countless tours around the world, and the detailed planning for next month’s wedding.”

Edward Lane Fox left after five years of service to the royals.

He has now been replaced in the interim with Samantha Cohen, who was previously the Queen's assistant private secretary.

She is reportedly feisty and therefore dubbed as 'The Panther' by the Queen because of it.

She doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon, so whether she will stay on or be replaced is still unknown and Kensington Palace are yet to reveal the plan.

The couple's recent PA, named as Melissa Touabti, 39, left her post after six months, however, Kensington Palace suggest she was only intended to be taken on for that long.

It has since been discovered Melissa was once the personal assistant to Robbie Williams.

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