How Kate Ferdinand got back in shape 6 months after giving birth – from lots of walking to family bike rides

IT'S only been six months since she gave birth to adorable baby Cree, but Kate Ferdinand has already been showing off her stunning post-baby figure.

The former TOWIE star, 30, gave birth to her little boy in December and she’s back in enviable shape just six months later.

But it looks like her incredible post-baby figure is down to her strict workout routine and clever meal planning. 

The new mum previously admitted feeling “unconfident” about her body after giving birth and revealed she was easing herself into a new fitness regime.

In May she said: “I don’t think I could train for six weeks, I didn’t even really walk for six weeks I don’t think, and then I’ve been gradually building it up slowly.”

Kate fell pregnant last year after beginning to try for a baby in 2018, as Rio's three children admitted they were keen to welcome another sibling to the brood.


The former Manchester United legend has three kids, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and Tia, nine, who he shared with his late wife Rebecca.

Here we take a look at how Kate got back in shape just six months after giving birth – from keeping fit during her pregnancy to glute bridges with baby Cree and meal planning…


One way Kate definitely got ahead of her post-baby body was by keeping up her fitness regime during her pregnancy. 

Despite admitting that she was regularly ‘exhausted’, the mummy-to-be continued training and working out in the couple’s lavish home gym last year. 

Kate did pilates and weight training – which is bound to have kept her fitness levels up.

She shared a snap of her bump in workout gear last year and told her 1.4 million followers in an Instagram post: “It’s taken me some time to really get used to the fact that I’m growing a little human in me and to slow down…

“In regards to training, I trained for the first 8 weeks and then became absolutely exhausted. I really struggled with everything, I just felt sick, tired and all over the place constantly…

“After the 12 week mark I have started to feel gradually better and felt I could get back into doing more bits that I would normally do and back into training slowly.

“I’ve been doing Pilates and some weight training – my mind feels so much better for it, for me the gym is like therapy it really does help me stay calm and less anxious.” 


She’s had her hands full getting used to life as a family-of-six – so there hasn’t been much time to experiment in the kitchen. 

But to ensure she keeps on track with her healthy eating, Kate has been meal planning and using recipe box delivery service HelloFresh. 

Kate previously had a ‘health kick’ just months after she announced her engagement to Rio and in the leadup to their wedding. 

At the time, she revealed she couldn't stand vegetables, but had a sneaky trick to include them into her meals to trick herself into eating the nutritious goods.

Alongside a picture of Kate's fish supper of salmon with rice and kale, which was shared on her Instagram Story, she wrote: "salmon, whole grain rice and kale.

"I really don't like greens so I chop them up and mix them in my rice so it doesn't feel so difficult eating them."

But now with the help of HelloFresh, the star has already got her pre-baby body back. 

She recently wrote in a post: “Dinner done, Courtesy of @hellofreshuk. We've been using Hello Fresh for the last few months and it has made our lives and meals so much easier, especially with a new baby!”


Another way Kate has been able to get back into shape so quickly after giving birth – is by keeping active with all the kids.

During Easter half term, she shared a series of behind-the-scenes family snaps, showing what the family had been up to, from water sports to bike rides. 

She began the series of posts, writing: “Was really worried about this half term with COVID and not being able to keep the kids occupied." 

“Surprisingly we had a really good one,” she added, alongside a picture of a bicycle beside the London Eye as she went for a bike ride.

Another Instagram selfie saw Kate and Rio posing in cycling helmets by a lake with the kids in the background. 

She wrote: “Fun morning cycling with the fam.”


There’s lots of equipment to choose from in Kate and Rio’s home gym, but there’s one item she seems to love using – the Hydrow rowing machine. 

Hydrow offers a new approach to full-body workouts, making them immersive and innovative. – it has definitely been one of the machines Kate has been using to get her post-baby figure.

The machine's technology is designed to give members more than just a full-body workout – it brings the physical, mental and emotional experience of on-water rowing to members' homes.

Rowing two to three times a week will allow fitness fans to experience rowing's many benefits such as stronger core, upper body strength, more powerful drive, better conditioning, and less pounding of your joints.

Rowing activates 86 per cent of the body's muscles, meaning it’s the perfect fitness machine for busy mums like Kate.

She shared a snap of herself using the Hydrow on Instagram, alongside the caption: “Action shot…”

A post shared by Kate Ferdinand (@xkateferdinand)


And we’re not experts – but getting abs like Kate’s just six months after giving birth, means it’s likely she's been doing some sit ups. 

Back in June, she shared a glam snap which highlighted her tiny waist and toned stomach. 

Kate flaunted her killer abs in the yellow two-piece while a number of other recent snaps show the star revealing her enviably taut stomach.


The wife of football ace Rio Ferdinand has been hitting the gym relentlessly in a bid to shift her pregnancy weight.

The 30-year-old flaunted her hourglass figure in a post on Instagram recently.

The reality star posted a snap of herself in the midst of a glute bridge workout as her six-month old son posed alongside her.

Cree joined his mum on an exercise mat as she stunned followers in a figure-fitting camo print LuluLemon tank top.  

Kate jokingly captioned the post: “New gym buddy …”


She used to film workout videos with football legend husband Rio Ferdinand on YouTube.  

But Kate has recently been doing PT sessions with former rugby union footballer Mel Deane to get back into shape just six months after giving birth.

She recently showcased her slim post-baby figure in activewear as she shared a hilarious workout video fail when she accidentally smacked her chin with a barbell while doing squats. 

Captioning the Stories clip 'Gym FAIL', Kate could be seen hitting her chin with the barbell before sharing a laugh with her instructor.

She said: “I just hit myself. Oh my God I'm gonna have a massive bruise”. 

Kate then got back to squatting, being careful not to lift the barbell with too much strength and risk another bruise. 


It seems as though walking is one of the ways Kate has managed to get back in shape just six months after giving birth to baby Cree.

She often shares glimpses into her life as a new mum online – and often she’s out walking – which has definitely helped her get back to her fitness routine. 

She recently told followers: “Some days I am like a machine working out, walking, eating healthy and feeling on top of the world. 

“Then other days (like yesterday) I haven’t found time for exercise and I’m caught tucking my head in the sweet cupboard looking for some sugar in the hope it will keep me awake.”

Another recent picture showed Kate and step-daughter Tia walking with Cree's pram and the family dog, chihuahua Ronnie.

"Lots of walks," she captioned her Instagram story.  

Kate started walking quickly after recovering from her C-section in December. At the end of last year, she shared a snap with the baby in a papoose on her front as they went for their "first walk" in a carrier after his birth.

She wrote: “ Our first walk with Cree in the carrier. He's so bloody heavy we didn't make it very far!” 

Kate Ferdinand previously admitted that she is not ‘beating herself up’ to return to her pre-baby body.

But this comes after she had some struggles where she felt like she didn’t recognise herself after becoming a mum.

Cree was born via an emergency c-section and the mum initially felt like she needed to return to her pre-baby figure.

She explained: “There are so many things about motherhood that no one tells you. I’d had the baby and I was in this whirlwind of emotion.

“My body was not the body I recognised. I felt really overwhelmed. I was feeling really abnormal and I started panicking. ‘Am I meant to be feeling like this?’”

“I would love to look how I looked before Cree but I am not putting a load of pressure on myself because things don’t always go to plan when you have a baby.”

We think she looks incredible!

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