How Gigi, Kendall and Lupita Got Their Fashion Mojo

BEST INTENTIONS: Information is rife online about what designer labels celebrities are wearing. Information on how to decode their styling tricks and adopt some? Not so much.

To the rescue comes French fashion journalist Sophie Gachet, whose new book, “Anatomy of Style,” recommends “wearing your clothes with intention” — and the same styles repeatedly to create a signature look. Consider Celine Dion’s head-to-toe designer ensembles, Billie Eilish’s oversize everything, Kate Moss’ leopard prints, or Kendall Jenner’s “sexy casual” melange, exemplified by a V-neck sweater, mini skirt and derby shoes.

“The women in this book look effortlessly cool, but we know they thought long and hard about how to develop a head-turning style,” Gachet writes, while cautioning, “the style you invent should reflect your personality. If it doesn’t, it’s destined to fail.”

The breezy 240-page paperback, published by Flammarion and out this month, tackles 50 famous women, breaking down their style secrets (figure-hugging dresses for Meghan Markle, feminine pantsuits for Cate Blanchett); iconic looks (hello, J. Lo’s plunging Versace gown, or Kaia Gerber’s black Converse sneakers), and their killer detail (Liya Kebede’s cross-body bags, or Olivia Palermo’s jacket draped over her shoulders).

Subsequent sections of the book are dedicated to tips for wearing essentials like trench coats, turtlenecks and white shirts with maximal style impact, and walking the fine line between faux pas and fabulous. (Hint: You can wear a corset top, but not with a mini skirt.)

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