Hilarious photos show what kids REALLY get up to in lockdown – including nappy cream catastrophes and flour disasters

MUMS are sharing hilarious photos of how their little ones have wreaked havoc while left unattended (just for a moment) during lockdown.

From drawing with felt-tip pens on the carpet, smearing nappy cream over faces and furniture, to tipping flour over the floor, toddlers are making sure their parents are kept busy.

Disasters also include ruined sofas, permanent marker on windows, and makeup mess – all captured on camera by their beleaguered mums.

They were asked to submit the photographic evidence by sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, as part of a nationwide competition.

Emilia Herbert, from West Sussex, was crowned the winner and the queen of mess, after ruining her mum’s sofa with an artistic display of nappy cream – with a devilish stare.

Her mum Lois said: "We can laugh about the incident now but at the time I wasn’t too pleased. I was upstairs bathing her baby sister at the time."

In second place was an unnamed little boy whose mum came to investigate after realising he was being quiet – only to find a tub of nappy cream was already covering the room.

Others include the poor parent of two-year-old Raymond who took a quick trip to the toilet, only to come back and discover their carpet was no more.

The mum of five-year-old Jack got rather a big shock when she discovered the masses of paint spilt outside and smeared across the glass door.

As well as creating mess with creams and paints, there is much to be made when small hands find their way into the food cupboards like four-year-old Blaine, and two-year-old Millie, who managed to create a floor of flour.

Iris, age three, was happily sat on the loo singing Row Your Boat whilst casually sticking panty liners to the walls. It looks like she's so proud of her work too with a huge grin on her face.

One-year-old Evelyn from Liverpool was feeling a bit peckish, so helped herself to cereal. She was extra careful in making sure she distributed the cereal all over the floor.

When four-year-old Esha told her parents about their plans for an afternoon of drawing, they hadn’t realised it meant on the window.

Another adorable terror found his mummy’s makeup and ended up crawling it all around the house. The foundation bottle lid came off and the creamy skin-coloured product coated the bathroom.

It seems three-year-old Jacob thought using his whole body was a much better idea than a paintbrush. The cheeky toddler stripped off and thought it was a great idea to wriggle around in the paint.

Parenting blogger and author, Lucy Rycroft, encouraged time away from the screen to keep little ones occupied during the coronavirus lockdown.

She said: "Use screen time wisely and create a schedule to divide the day into short blocks.

"Fully invest in your kids for some of these blocks, especially early on in the day, as then they are more likely to self-direct once they have had some attention.’

"If you are working, have designated times in the day when you are going to work and stick to them. Make sure your kids and your colleagues know when this is happening and if possible this should be at the same times each day.

"Schedule what you need to do in each work slot to maximise productivity and review each evening for the next day."

Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at ScS, said: "These hilarious pictures show how much mess innocent children can make in such a short space of time, with some even ruining expensive furniture in the time it takes for a short trip to the loo!

"We’re thrilled to be able to provide our winner, Emilia and her family a new sofa, and hope these insightful tips will help save some furniture!"


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