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NOT many adults would engage in a game of hide and seek, but a pregnant game of hide and seek is even more ambitious as one woman proved.

The mum-to-be went viral when her husband shared a snap of her attempting to scare him in their kitchen.

The picture was shared to the Reddit thread r/funny and it now has over 83k upvotes and 617 comments.

Captioning the snap, the tickled hubby wrote: "I think my wife forgot she was seven and a half months pregnant when she tried to hide so she could jump out and scare me."

The photo shows the entrance to the couple’s kitchen where a rather large baby bump can be seen sticking out from the door the wife is hiding behind.

Fellow Redditors were equally amused, with many warning the husband to just go along with his wife’s joke.

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One wrote: "Whatever you did, I hope you acted sufficiently startled! Happy wife, happy life."

Another asked,  "So what did you do? Did you go along with her plan?" To which the man replied, "I couldn't act scared after laughing."

"You should've snuck up to the door frame and sneakily reached just your hand around to pat the belly," a third suggested.

Another jokingly said, "She's hiding behind your kid."

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Some mums shared their own funny bump stories.

"I had a situation like that recently," wrote one, "I am also very far along and was kind of lost in my thoughts. 

Suddenly, I felt movement in my belly and for a moment I was scared thinking 'what is that?'… Oh right I’m pregnant, the baby."

This mum also related to not being aware of her bump size, writing, "You never get used to how quickly the bump grows. I used to bump my bump on everything, constantly apologising to the baby."

This story was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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