Halsey, Khloe Kardashian & More Stars Who Are Owning The Retro Fanny Pack Craze

The fanny pack has officially made its comeback! See pics of celebs like Halsey and Khloe Kardashian rocking the retro bag.

One of the worst things about women’s clothing is that pockets are far and few between. When pants do have pockets, they’re usually either too small to actually hold anything or sewn shut to just give the allusion of pockets.

Due to this major oversight of women’s needs, we have to rely on other means to carry around our phone, wallet, keys, and whatever other essentials we bring with us out into the world. Purses, of course, fulfill this necessity, but sometimes the effort it takes to lug a bag around is just far too annoying. This is where fanny packs come in.

Sure, the fanny pack might seem outdated, only to be worn by dorky dads at Disneyland, but fashion has seen a major resurgence in all things ’90s, meaning the fanny pack is back. You’ve almost definitely seen them around by now – Louis VuittonPradaGucci, and Fendi all make their own high-end versions of the belted pouches.

Celebrities like HalseyKhloe KardashianKendall Jenner, and Taylor Hill have all taken quickly to the fanny pack, opting to wear them out on coffee runs, to parties, during fashion week, and on trips to the airport. And it makes sense! If you’re trying to sip your iced latte and talk on your phone at the same time, you can’t tell me that having your wallet secured in a bag around your waist isn’t ideal.

So whether you’re totally onboard or still cringe at the idea of even being associated with someone wearing a fanny pack, there’s no denying that they’re in right now. Check out our gallery above to see how celebrities have styled the polarizing bag and decide once and for all if you can embrace the peculiar pouch.

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