Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her time-consuming and VERY costly bedtime routine

However, according to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, you can save time ahead of the big day by following her nightly routine… that unsurprisingly comes at a price!

In a blog on her Goop website, the 46-year-old shares the secrets of her nightly routine offering tips on how to achieve incredible skin.

However, the products – including a dry-brushing brush, shampoo, body scrub, facial cream and all sorts of other lotions and potions -add up to just under £600!

“If it’s been a long day, (and more often than not it has), I need a nice, hot, G.Tox shower,” writes Paltrow on her blog.

“First I do some dry brushing: You can actually do this before or after the shower, but I like to do it before. I use our new dry brush, which is professional-strength, so it definitely does the job of exfoliation—and it feels so, so good."

  • G Tox Ultimate Dry Brush, £18 from GOOP – buy now

  • G Tox Salt Detox Body Scrub, £36 from Goop – buy now

After she's done buffing, Gwyneth then goes in with Goop's Himalayan salt scrub which doubles up as a shampoo.

She wrote' "It’s this gorgeous shampoo with Himalayan sea salt crystals all through it, so it really scrubs your scalp clean while not drying out your hair."

Following this, the A-List actress uses the 5-Salt Detox Body Scrub which she claims "gives your whole body a beautiful glow."

She gushed: "It gets you really clean but leaves your skin hydrated at the same time.

  • Exfoliating Instant Facial, £38 from GOOP – buy now

  • Vintner's Daughter's Botanical Serum, £175 from Cult Beauty – buy now

Describing her extensive skincare regime, Gwyenth said: “I start always with my Exfoliating Instant Facial. This, for me, is like a professional facial in a jar.”

But it’s a jar that costs a staggering £100! And that’s just for starters.

“Once I’ve exfoliated, I love to use Vintner’s Daughter. My skin tends to be on the drier side, but this isn’t just a regular oil-based serum; it’s a full-on treatment…

“After the Vintner’s, I go for my Dr. Barbara Sturm eye cream. She taught me to dab it on—just the dabbing alone is an important part of the process.

“Depending on where I am and the time of year, I decide whether to use night cream. In the summer, I tend to use less, because we stay on the East Coast, and there’s nice humidity in the air.

But if I’m in California, especially in the winter, then I need (and love) to use our night cream.”

  • Dr Barbara Sturm eye cream, £105 from Cult Beauty – buy now

  • Replenishing Night Cream, £125 from GOOP – buy now

“So there we go guys. It’s time for me to get in bed. This has been fun.”

Fun for Paltrow, yet expensive for the rest of us but then it’s no wonder she can afford to follow such an expensive night time routine.

Although Goop, founded in 2008, has faced heavy criticism after promoting rather unusual treatments including bee sting therapy and vagina steaming, it has grown into a £200 million business.

So as Gwyneth manages to glow in her sleep, we can at least dream about it!

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