Growing your own vegetables and moving to the countryside are on Brits' post-pandemic bucket list

GROWING your own vegetables and moving to the countryside is now high on Brits’ bucket lists, with people’s outlook changing since the pandemic. 

Gone are bungee jumping and swimming with dolphins, as people now focused on the simpler things in life, a study by The National Lottery found. 

They asked 2,000 adults about what their goals are for the future ahead of the £15 million ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto jackpot on Saturday, and top of the list was growing your own vegetables, followed by redesigning your garden. 

Getting back to nature was a recurring theme on the wish list, with moving to the country, building a pub in the garden, going fresh water swimming and climbing a mountain all featuring in the top 20 list. 

The study also found that nearly half – 45 per cent – said keeping friends and family safe was a driving force behind their ‘new normal’ bucket list. 

Leading a healthier life was a motivating factor for 35 per cent of people, while 42 per cent wanted to reduce worry and stress. 

The 'new normal' bucket list

1. Grow your own vegetables/ get an allotment
2. Redesign your garden
3. Learn how to cook/improve cooking/baking skills
4. Drive-in cinema experience
5. Move to the seaside
6. Learn to speak a new language
7. Create a pub/bar in your garden
8. Move to the countryside
9. Set up your own business
10. Install a hot tub
11. Buy a camper van or RV and explore more of the UK
12. Write a book
13. Try fresh water swimming
14. Volunteer for a charity on a regular basis
15. Have private exercise/yoga lessons to get fit
16. Learn a new creative hobby such as painting or pottery
17. Retrain for a new career
18. Learn to play the piano or other musical instrument
19. Climb a mountain / hike a noteworthy trail
20. Be taught meditation/mindfulness

But some still hankered after the finer things in life, with Brits eyeing up hot tubs, camper vans and heading to a drive-in cinema. 

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor for The National Lottery, said: “The nation’s bucket list has certainly changed tack.

“We are seeing the gentle art of pottery and keeping chickens rank more highly than skydiving or designer handbags.

“But while it’s very different, the concept is as relevant now as it was before the ‘new normal’.

The nation’s bucket list has certainly changed tack

“And the plans for a National Lottery win are no different, with giving back ranking more highly than the aspirational purchases.”

The study also asked Brits what they’d do if they won the lottery, with one in 10 saying they’d open up a wildlife sanctuary, while seven per cent would quit their job and volunteer. 

And around three per cent would invest in a luxury, self-sufficient underground bunker. 

Andy added: “Winning £15M would certainly make amazing things happen for that lucky ticket-holder on Saturday night.

“Suddenly their dreams and aspirations will become a reality.

“So if it’s a veggie patch they want, perhaps it’ll become a walled kitchen garden on their own country estate rather than a corner of the back garden!

“Just like playing the National Lottery, this new wish list shows that while our movements may currently be curtailed, our dreams are not.”

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