Glitter Christmas pudding boobs are the bold new beauty trend this festive season… but would YOU dare to wear them?

Well brace yourselves festive fans because the bold new beauty trend to take Instagram by storm just happens to combine the two…

From the people who brought us glitter crop tops and pumpkin bums, there now comes a daring new festive trend known as glittery Christmas pudding boobs. Yes, you read that correctly.

The experimental lot behind the Go Get Glitter Instagram account have taken their love of glitter up a notch with their latest festive design.

Effectively covering the entire boob in brown sparkles, some tactfully placed silver glitter – which doubles up as icing in the bonkers design – is the only thing covering the wearers' modesty.

Not to mention the dash of holly on top to finish off the festive look.

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And while this bold new trend is certainly not for the faint of heart, there's no denying the, erm, experimental and Christmassy design is a total work of art.

But if the prospect of wearing nothing more than a dusting of glitter fills you with fear, the brand has also unveiled some daring mirror boob jewels in time for Christmas.

The gold star-print body jewel simply wraps around the nipple for an eye-catching nod to the festive season.

Although we personally can't imagine swapping our Christmas jumpers for some barely-there jewels… no matter how fun and festive, right?

Earlier this year, the glitter enthusiasts made headlines when they unveiled sparkly pumpkin BUM body art.

Covering their bottoms in orange glitter, bold beauty fans recreated jack-o'-lanterns on their behinds in a spooky nod to Halloween.

And let's not forget the glittery pumpkin boobs that accompanied the daring design.

While we all used to glitter galore during festival season, the brand also showed us how to rock some sparkly everyday when they debuted crop tops made entirely from sequins.

Combined with rhinestone straps and tactfully-placed nipple jewels, there's no denying that these designs were both incredible and highly impractical at the same time.

Who said glitter boobs were simply festival attire? That said, we still prefer to eat our Christmas puds instead of modelling them this festive season.

In even more bonkers beauty news, tinsel hair is the hot new Christmas beauty trend… but it's NOT tacky.

And actress Kate Beckinsale credits youthful looks to £465 facial which uses serum containing "liquefied foreskins".

Plus this woman has revealed an incredible hair styling trick involving a water bottle and a hair dryer that curls locks in seconds.

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